The internet. Pets. Humor.

“What the Fluff” combines all the things we enjoy in the most recent social media challenge—and manages to avoid all pitfalls of recent viral trends by using cuteness and innocence as opposed to something that is going to kill someone: tide pod challenge; condom challenge; the fire challenge, etc.

This one involves human owners standing in a doorway or near a corner with a blanket held up in front of them as their pet watches them. They then lift the blanket above their heads, drop it, and, in the time it takes for the blanket to drop, they move out of sight, leaving their pets looking at the empty space their owners were standing just moments before.

Mostly the trick is played on dogs but cats, birds, and even some kids have been involved in the theatrics, basically any pet that is willing to pay attention.

The fun is in the reaction. Sometimes the pets are confused (mega cute), sometimes they are afraid (uber-cute), other times they just don’t give a fuck and in a few instances, dogs have just gone to lay on the blanket (the mecca of cuteness and humor).

Though this old trick has been around for years, doing it on your pets is something new and the creator of the challenge can be traced back to a London-based Instagrammer who played the trick on her husky. In the post for the video, she writes “this is where the challenge and hashtag started” just in case anyone decided to get cheeky and claim it for themselves.

Aw, the relevance of these things we eagerly consume in abundance only to forget a week later.

That’s it, there you go. You’re welcome. You can find more here

And when you get bored with that, check out this video of monkey’s reacting to magic. In my opinion, it’s even more entertaining.

Cover Photo by Marko Blaževi?