The Kennel Club has announced the winners of the 2018 Dog Photographer of the Year contest.  

Combining man’s best friend with beautiful photography. What’s not to love?

The competition, now in its 13th year, received nearly 10,000 entries across 70 different countries with winners being selected across ten categories. These included:

  • Dogs at Work
  • Dog Portrait
  • Dogs at Play
  • Puppies
  • Man’s Best Friend
  • Assistance Dogs
  • Rescue Dogs
  • Oldies
  • “I Love Dog’s Because” (for ages 12 to 17 only)
  • Young Pup Photographer (for ages 11 or under only)

You can read more thorough descriptions of each category here.

The competition also awarded an overall winner. This year, it was Dutch photographer Monica van der Maden (the cover photo), beating out the other photographers with a photo of her Great Dane, Noa. 

She spoke about the winning photograph (which also won 1st place in the “Oldies” category), titled “The Lady of the Mystery Forest”:

“This picture was made in the early morning in the forest. I wanted to photograph her in a position where she was sitting relaxed next to a tree. When I wanted to make the shot she turned her head to the left to her owner and this was the moment where you could see her soul…Dogs come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. But their heart are all the same filled with love.”

She’ll will receive an original oil painting of her image by artist Sara Abbott.

The first place winners for each category are below. To see more of the photos, you can go here.

“Wayne’s Team” by Tracy Kidd. 1st Place – Dogs at Work

“Glenturret Autumn Gold” by Carol Durrant. 1st Place – Portrait

“I’ll catch you” by Elinor Roizman. 1st Place – Dogs at Play

“Little Ceylin” by Klaus Dyba. 1st place – Puppies.

“Dolce far niente on a lovely afternoon” by Joana Matos. 1st Place – Man’s Best Friend

“Reassurance” by Dean Mortimer. 1st Place – Assistance Dog

“Found My Way Home” by Sonya Kolb. 1st Place – Rescue Dogs

“One heart, one family” by Tamara Kedves (age 16). 1st Place – I Love Dogs Because

“My Best Friend Roxy” by Mariah Mobley (age 11). 1st Place – Young Pup Photographer

Cover Photo Caption:

“The Lady of the Mystery Forest” by Monica van der Maden. Overall winner & 1st place – Oldies