Instagram and Facebook are super freaking addictive. In fact, midway through that sentence you probably pulled out your phone without thinking about it and your thumb started doing its little familiar jig on the screen before you even realized what was happening. Well, it’s time to manage your time on those apps more responsibly and who better to help you with such an endeavor then the companies responsible for putting you in that position in the first place?

Yep, that’s right. Instagram and Facebook are here to help.

Today the platforms announced the new tools that are going to help you manage your time more efficiently.

These tools will include an activity dashboard, a daily reminder, and a new way to limit notifications.

  • The activity dashboard will show you the average time you spend on the app using that particular device as well as the total time you spent on the platform that day.
  • The daily reminder will alert you when you have spent to much time on the app–how long that is, however, will be up to you. You’ll be able to change or cancel this setting any time.
  • Finally, the notifications from the app can be limited by muting “push notifications” for when you want to quiet the app altogether.

To find the tools you can go to the settings page in either app. In Instagram, it’ll be under “Your Activity,” while in Facebook you can tap “Your Time on Facebook.”

“We developed these tools based on collaboration and inspiration from leading mental health experts and organizations, academics, our own extensive research and feedback from our community,” the press release says, “We want the time people spend on Instagram and Facebook to be intentional, positive and inspiring.”

The press release also includes some other ways in which the platforms are working to help its users. You can read it here.

These updates will be available soon.