Are the time management tools that Instagram just announced released helping yet? Yeah, didn’t think so. Well this news might shed some light on why getting off the app is so difficult. Well I mean, we know it is difficult (dopamine and pretty colors and all that garb) but beyond that, another factor is contributing to the fact: users are using the app for business and services.

Ah, remember when it used to just be about your friend’s pictures and what you had for lunch that day?

The good old days.

The data released in a new report commissioned to AudienceNet, “Instagram Impact on Australian Business” recently revealed that 67% of Australian users between the ages of 18 and 34 are using the social media platform to find products, services, business, and organizations.

Beyond that, 53% of those surveyed in the same age group said they have purchased something that they initially saw on Instagram.  

“We are thrilled to share new details on how Australians are using Instagram to discover and connect with local businesses every day. These survey results underscore the importance for businesses of all sizes to have an Instagram presence and strategy, including utilizing the free tools and insights we’ve made available,” Head of business at Instagram, Jim Squires told Marketing, “With one in four businesses already receiving a customer interaction on Instagram every day, we know there is enormous potential here for Australian businesses to grow and achieve their objectives with this platform.”

Some other interesting facts regarding the influencing powers of Instagram:

  • “53% of users have used Instagram posts as inspiration to help choose a travel destination”
  • “43% of users have been to an event based on something they’ve seen on Instagram”
  • “48% of users have tried a new workout that they’ve seen on Instagram”
  • “60% of users have visited a restaurant /café because of something they’ve seen on Instagram”

Of course, none of this news is anything surprising. We are well aware of the booming industry of social media influencers and the power it has over its users (we write about it a whole heck of a lot). But still, seeing the numbers puts things into perspective.

(And yes, I realize this wasn’t a world wide study, but it is doubtful that Australians are the only ones using the app in the same manner. It safe to say that similar numbers can be found across the app as a whole. So the data seems applicable.)

You can read the full report here.

Cover photo by Erik Lucatero

Pasta photo by Eaters Collective