You might not be a fashionista but you still have that burning desire to see those thin frames strut down the catwalk sometimes wearing garments that resemble something closer to a Picasso painting than a dress. If you’re not going to go as far attending an actual Fashion Week show, there’s still a way to get a little taste of #NYFW. We’ve put together a list of 10 Fashion Influencers to whet that Gucci Gang, Versace craving, Philipp Plein blingin’ inner most desires of yours. Put away those H&M sweats and start gramming with style!

When you take a look at these accounts, check out their Instagram Stories where most of the actual fashion show coverage lives.

1. @tezzamb

2. @nycbambi

3. @rebeccalaurey

4. @xeniaoverdose

5. @happilygrey

6. @natalieofduty

7. @double3xposure

8. @susiebubble

9. @weworewhat

10. @evachen212