The well known restauranteur, Frank Prisinzano, owner of one of my favorite Italian restaurants in NYC, Lil Frankies (amongst others), maintains a pretty expected Instagram feed showcasing 90% food and then some kid and girlfriend pics sprinkled in here and there. This morning he posted a girlfriend pic, but much more erotic and intimate than his usual content.  Given, his girlfriend seems to be half his age and of the modelesque type, so reason enough for him to show her off. However, this one is on the extreme side with a matching extreme caption. Was he able to shock?


Prisinzano’s typical feed usual reads much more like this:

So what was the response of his followers? Absolute acceptance…


Seems this post didn’t quite meet the standards of today’s needs for shock value. Eroticism, sex, nudity don’t seem to surprise people as much as it has in the past. In fact, there seems to be a huge support for the openminded “European” mindset towards sex. In fact, it appears Prisinzano greatly inspired his audience to embrace this level of vulnerability and exposure. With that said, can you really shock your Instagram audience with a single post and if so, what does it take?

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