We are now more than a week into October and the Halloween season is upon us. Instead of breaking and entering into an abandoned house, sleep without fear of a masked killer. Here are some airbnbs devoted to the history and creepy allure of antiquity: your ideal haunted house.

1. Asian Room in the Cemetary Schoolhouse  (Hudson, NY, USA)

This “schoolhouse” is a collection of airbnbs in one massive house. Grabbed from its description, the house is a four-room schoolhouse. Also built in 1900 near one of America’s most historic cemeteries: The Cedar Park cemetery. As pictured, this view gives total Pet Semetary vibes.

In the bedroom, an authentic Chinese opium bed commands the space. In the description, this Airbnb calls itself a “3-D” history lesson. Back in its prime, the “Hudson River School painters, inventors,, and titans of industry favored the space. It is also noted this space was once a high attraction for curious travelers and artists.

2. The Manor Master Chamber (Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA)

Pictured: Scorch

According to its description, one family passed down this house for several generations. This dungeon-styled home is something out of a medieval Tudor home. Built in 1883, amenities include: a big fireplace, picnic area, and a photogenic, friendly Doberman named Scorch.

The interior of the house is less imposing than the exterior. The inside is adorned with cozy antiques, lively plants, and warm colors. The host also encourages murder mystery parties and photo shoots. Visit this preserved, welcoming dungeon perfect for your haunted, snug backdrop.

3. 18th Century Cottage (Savannah, Georgia, USA)

This space is an official designated historical district within a small urban woodland. Adorned with antiques and oddities, its vintage carpets and basketwork maintain its authentic period presentation. Established in 1799 and surrounded by forest, it also includes a Smart TV to marathon those classic horror films. Amongst them, try watching The Conspirator (2010) dir. Robert Redford, and see your surroundings unfold into a haunted, historical filmscape.

4. Chateau Pitau: Castle with a Ghost  (Vidnoye, Moskovskaya oblast, Russia)

Six miles from Moscow, Russia, this haunted castle is available for rent. A remote forest surrounds this castle and leads to a path to the lake in the back. Amenities include two pools, a wooden sauna, and a casual ghost in the castle. This ghost, according to the host, only “appears weekly at midnight,” so watch out for that. Even with flowers and butterflies, the imposing architecture makes it very suitable for an eerie backdrop.

An expansive, open-air space, this castle has eight beds, three bathrooms, and strange decorations sprinkled throughout the property. Judging by the reviews, it doesn’t seem the ghost is very threatening.

5. Captain Grant’s 1754 Historical House (Preston, Connecticut USA)

If you’re looking for a house devoted to history, this historical house is next. This house is different from your average colonial home. Located in countryside Connecticut, forest and field surround the house by five acres. Most of the furniture and antiques dates back to the early 1800’s which is around when they built the house. It’s also registered under the National Registry of Historic Places. Caretakers and hosts devote a lot of effort in making this experience as authentic as possible. The history embedded only adds to its spooky, charming allure.

Wake up in the morning in a haunting, historic home to an aromic breakfast and amenities to further enjoy your stay. These antiques are very photogenic and the art adds to its antiquity.

6. Five Finger Lighthouse (Petersburg, Alaska, USA)

Come to stay at the first lighthouse built in Alaska!  Not located in Maine like the upcoming Robert Pattison film Lighthouse, shoot your October pics on this quaint island. Perfect for its already isolated setting, this Lighthouse is open to those searching for an entire island to themselves. According to the house’s description, the working lighthouse sits on the scenic Frederic Sound. There’s even a forest on the island home to many different animals, even serving views of humpback whales, perfect for some Ring vibes.

7. Sabine Sunset Lakehouse (Many, Louisana, USA)

Instructed by the house host, you need to follow a long dirt road into four acres of forest to access this rural getaway. What sounds like the start of any forest-situated horror film, this house is completely remote from civilization. With its antique furniture style and outdated wallpaper, this lakehouse is something out of Friday the 13th or Amityville Horror

This house also has no WiFi or cable and has lots of animals strolling around outside. With a lake as a backyard, it serves as a great vintage background for a rustic 80’s horror shoot.  

8. Historic Holiday Home with Pool (Tresana, Tuscany, Italy) 

A 200-foot walk up to this giant holiday home, spend a week in a house Shining style. With old photographs and divine images adorning the walls, you’ll be sure every frame will fall down by midnight.

Alone in the middle of Tuscany with approximately four other people makes a great setting for a horror marathon. Try on some on-theme SFX makeup and hide between the brick-stone crevices hidden throughout the land. The house has an amazing view of the mountains as well as acres of forest surrounding the area. The next city is more than two hours away which means at least three ghosts live in one of the seven bedrooms and it’s going to be yours. At this point, an exorcism could happen here

9. Amityville Village Spacious Victorian Home (Amityville, NY, USA)

Looking through all these airbnbs, it’d be a shame to not include a house near the actual Amityville house.

In Jaws, the book, the beach where the great white attacks is right along the coastline of Amity. Amityville, New York seems like one big New England suburban horror set. Styled like an old Victorian home, this house gives your typical cozy American dream house a twist of terror

(Why is that window frame glowing?

10. Cottage at Penns Creek (Spring Mills, Pennsylvania, USA) 

This house looks like a dream except it reminded me immediately of the house the scientist lives in The Human Centipede. Situated dead center amongst six acres of land, this house is a far way from town and borders a national forest. Even the name alone, Cottage in the Woods makes me think immediately of Cabin in the Woods. With this lush, forested campground, it would serve for perfect campfire pictures amongst pitch black darkness and strange, welcoming sounds coming from the woods. 

11. Stafford Retreat Home (Elk Creek, Virginia, USA)

After watching Creep 2 a couple months ago, its hard not to see any mountain cabin/getaway as just a regular house. With its 70’s wood appeal, this house can go from homey to killer lumberjack in seconds. Even its opening picture above is something seen out of the title card of a nature horror thriller. Surrounded by 75 acres of land and lake, it’d be a perfect venue for 70’s themed horror celebration. 

12. Historic Home with Royal Connection (Caernarfon, Wales, United Kingdom)

This house looks more like an orphanage than a Welsh stone mansion. With a huge stone cross embedded right above the entrance, it could even be a church rather than just another house in the British Isles. Its description notes that one of Britain’s most distinguished soldiers lived in this house during the 19th century, elevating it to royalty status. When the fog rolls in during autumn, this place seems like Night of the Living Dead will happen right outside its doorstep. 

13. Remote Mountain Cabin in the Woods (Galax, Virginia, USA)

The interior of this house is uncannily similar to the interior of the house from Evil Dead and Cabin in the Woods (even in the name of the listing!). A faraway, rustic getaway, this logged cabin is something of a dream for antique and vintage horror lovers. With photogenic collectibles and interiors, this house serves as the ultimate fall photo session.

The utter seclusion in the middle of the forest, this cabin provides a great backdrop for some creepy photo shoots—especially during nighttime Autumn.