When planning for a portrait picture you don’t want to be basic. Even with no makeup or a full red lip, makeup is becoming more diverse and expansive. Here at Resource, we list the top beauty influencers who will give your portrait pics a little something extra.

1. AndrewsDayOff 

Andrew is a hilarious, talented makeup guru doing the regular influencer groove: hauls, makeup tutorials, and vlogs. He’s also a doctor, which breaks a lot of societal constraints on what defines professionalism in the workplace. Vocal and inventive, Andrew is sure to help you correct your dark circles with an EOS lippie. He also features his kitty in a lot of his videos–which is a plus when you’re trying to calm down and fix a look.


2. Angela Guzman 

Known for her Instagram-worthy looks, Angela changes the beauty game. A strong liner with colorful lips, she brings in a creative and unique approach to your average day-to-day portrait pic. From Dorito’s inspired eyeshadow to a quick red shadow/lip look, she’s got every color down.


3. Christina Suh

Christina is able to take a bad skin day into smooth, flawless skin. She also does Halloween tutorials like Pennywise and Freddy Krueger. Christina is very open and transparent about every product she uses and goes step by step to make sure you follow each brush stroke she does. She also does hair tutorials, for those who wake up with bad bedhead.


4. Jackie Aina 

Makeup brands have been more encompassing for a demand for more skin colors in their products, and Jackie is one of the forerunners in that. Going through CC creams that finally produce darker skin tones than those targeted towards light skin, she’s even the face of TooFaced’s new line of products. She’s a cheerleader for diversity in the beauty field and creates videos using just Muslim-owned/Halal products, and full glam Fenty products. Even with the limited products you may have in your closet, Jackie’s able to teach you new techniques on anything you choose to put on your face.


5. Estée Lalonde

Looking for a more minimal approach? Estée’s chic, simple-not-boring routines work off what you already have. From summer freckles to collaborations with the amazing Katie Jane Hughes. Much less color and pop than what’s on this list, but if you’re on a budget and only have your glitter shadow and liner, Estée’s your girl.


6. Katie Jane Hughes

Mentioned above on her collabs with Estée Lalonde and even Glossier, Katie is an Instagram glossy eyeshadow/liner queen. She somehow perfected the just-the-right-amount gloss look without looking too sticky or too minor. Although she does not have a Youtube channel, you can find her on Instagram sharing her recent collaborations or cool story material you can do easily on your way to a late shoot. She even does a video for Snapchat-inspired skin (because we all know we want whoever’s skins in that filter).


7. Evelina Forsell

If you’re looking for a girl with slime green hair to tell you how to do a quick wing, Evelina’s got you covered. Full of affordable products from NYX to Elf, Evelina’s tutorials walk you step by step. You can find tutorials like October-inspired copper orange shadow or pink freckles. Also an ardent feminist, you can hear some pep talk while you’re fixing your wing.



Karen Yeung has been in the Youtube influencer game for a long time. A forerunner for Asian-American beauty and fashion, she has tutorials on Korean makeup looks using only American products. She also does apricot inspired look and drugstore looks if you need a quick refresh. She’s also an amazing videographer, using her videos as an art form sometimes posting her own short video projects. 


9. Koleen Diaz

If you have either long or short hair and need a quick stylin’ before a shoot, check out Koleen. With sixteen quick and easy hairstyles, Koleen lays out high ponys to low braids. Known for her more practical approach to beauty and hair, Koleen will show you how to last a whole shoot with everything in-tact. She even has a video on poses, which will be perfect after you’re done with a full face of Fenty.


10. Peakmill

Speaking her native Yoruba tongue in some of the videos, Khadijat goes step by step in the basics of everyday golden glam. If you’re in a rush and need a quick look, she even has that for you in under four minutes. If you’re playing around with a wig and need some help, Khadijat gives you flawless picture-perfect waves. 


11. Desi Perkins

With over three million subs on Youtube, Desi is a prominent figure in the Latinx beauty influencer scene. Her looks were hailed by the likes of Kim K, so you know her tutorials will give you a flawless look for your shoot. From peachy neutral to smokey gunmetal, she has the whole spectrum down. If you’re trying to be spooky, she has a terrifying witch doctor look that will scare every kid on your block.


12. Alissa Ashley

Looking for affordable and easy-to-follow tutorials? Alissa covers everything from drugstore looks to Halloween green sultry style eyes. She even did a drag look that really pops on camera. She works all across the board with a minimal classic look to a MET Gala Kim K look, both beautiful on camera.


13. HeFlawless

Looking to laugh before forcibly smiling for three hours straight? Kenneth’s got you with his easy to follow glam tutorials. He formats them as a GRWM (Get Ready With Me) so you hear about his wack adventures and stories. He’s one of those storytelling vloggers that actually has something hilarious to say while doing his makeup, so give him a listen on your way to a shoot.


14. Violette

Partial to the simple, chic, Parisian look? Violette gives you beautifully crafted French-inspired looks from Anna Karina to a quick, simple blue liner. She also has an amazing taste vintage clothing  so be sure to look at her fashion vids for some inspiration. This chic nude look is also a great minimal way to make your skin pop on camera.


15. Lupe Sujey Cuevas

If you love grungey goth looks, Lupe has the perfect smokey eye for you. Lupe’s bangs give her looks a cute nudge on top of her creative color combinations and autumn-inspired palettes. She came through on Valentine’s Day with a classic, romantic look and is pumping out Fall looks that will have you ready for your dramatic shoot at the park.


16. Angela Vanity

Trans beauty influencer, Angela, not only delivers on flawless skincare routines or glittery-glam eye routines. She also brings the hard truth of transitioning and being trans in a society that does not immediately recognize trans people as real people. Hilarious and loving, Angela will give beauty with a lot of extra, full-glamour, and sass.


17. NikkieTutorials

Nikkie has also been in the Youtube beauty influencer/vlogger game for years but has never stopped with the new looks. Known for her creative and strange routines, she can give you a quick cloud eye tutorial and a reversed, flipped makeup look all under half an hour. She has over 11 million subs for good reason, providing pristine, picture-perfect tutorials with quick, easily understood techniques.


18. Krizz’tina Mitchell

Krizzy’s eye tutorials are unmatched. Mastering the acclaimed cut-crease to adorable peachy eyes, Krizzy gives you camera-ready looks in easy consumed bits. Her techniques give your face fuller definition on camera through brow and liner tricks. She also has a couple of new fall-inspired videos out for your next autumn photo shoot.


19. Maya Ahmad

Based in the Middle East, Maya brings beautifully curated looks to you, often captioning her videos in her native Arabic language. She does great no-makeup makeup looks for a more minimal approach, and quick tutorials for on-the-go looks if you’re in a rush.


20. BrandiTV

Once you’re back from your shoot and need a break, Brandi delivers on some strange, hysterical tutorial spoofs. Known primarily for her Pennywise tutorial done after consuming an edible, Brandi has amazing Halloween/costume makeup/sfx tutorials. Mary Jane and alcohol friendly, she’s a great laugh for her ironic, gritty humor. Even going as far as painting her body pink for a cotton candy look.