On October 15, Adobe announced a new series of updates for its Creative Cloud software during their annual Max Creativity Conference held in Los Angeles. App updates include Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, and Dimension CC. Adobe also released Premiere Rush and teased the release of Photoshop and Project Gemini for iPad in 2019.

CC’s Newly Released Features

Adobe works towards seamless integration and interaction between and within their products. Here are the new features for each update:
  • Photoshop CC: New Auto-Update tool, Symmetry Painting, Frame Tool for adjusting placeholders. Also, a new Content-Aware Fill tool powered by Adobe Sensei AI features.
  • Illustrator CC: Design with photorealistic freeform gradients, global edits across boards, and a customizable toolbar. Adobe Fonts integration also allows access to 14,000+ fonts.
  • InDesign CC: New properties panel and access to 14,000 fonts. Also, a content-aware fit tool that detects, scales and repositions images for best presentation and a layout adjustment tool that resizes images automatically both powered by Adobe Sensei
  • Lightroom CC: Performance and workflow improvements like People’s View to find and tag people easier. Plus, an improved search bar and share table option to browse and access shared images throughout CC.
  • Lightroom Classic CC: Faster and more reliable services for Canon cameras and an optimized single step HDR panorama merge option.
  • Dimension CC: Celebrating one-year, Dimension CC’s new rendering engine for improved render preview performance gives designers a better workflow between Photoshop and Illustrator. (More features coming soon in 2019).

Adobe Sensei

The new Adobe Sensei powered search features exclusive content in Adobe Stock including a library of clips from GoPro. Innovations in Sensei allow for a more expansive workplace that offers better precision and control.

Before New Content-Aware Fill Tool (Powered by Adobe Sensei)

After New Content-Aware Fill Tool (Powered by Adobe Sensei)

The new Content-Aware fit feature detects an image and crops it automatically, and transforms characters in Character Animator CC.

Premiere Rush CC

Premiere Rush CC

A brand new, app from Adobe now available just for online video creators. Its newest features include tools integrating capture, editing, color, and graphics with seamless publishing to different social platforms. Already working off tools loved in Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC, Adobe now features more templates from Adobe Stock and features an Adobe Sensei-powered one step feature to adjust music and sound.

To sum it up, Adobe believes their Creative Cloud release will better attune itself with user requests. This includes seamless cross-app use, a wider range of tools available on all apps, better software performance and usability, and easier ways to organize and access your files.

Premiere Rush CC is available for purchase with plan options ranging from $9.99 per month to $29.99 per month for enterprises. Premiere Rush is also included in the All Apps, Student, and Premiere Pro CC single app plans along with 100GB of CC storage.

Upcoming Advancements coming to Photoshop CC iPad 2019

All of Adobe’s new Creative Cloud improvements are already available to subscribers of Adobe’s participating plans.