Similar to Snapchat’s QR Code feature that allows its users to share personalized codes with one another, Instagram hops on the train. With new QR codes from Instagram, it becomes an instant link directly to your Instagram page. It is customizable and easy to promote.

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They are also experimenting with select school communities to create a common space for students and alumni. By joining in a certain school community, you have access to a network of students.

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If you’re a student or alumni in a participating school, you have access to stories and users based on their year of graduation or expected graduation date. This changes the game from social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, giving students direct access to prospective friends.

This feature is great for promoting your brand or username with simple, customizable designs. You have a choice between different colors, emojis and even a selfie background feature. You’re able to share your nametag directly from Instagram to Facebook or Twitter.

You can also screenshot it and send it to people or post it up and others are able to scan the code themselves. This feature is great for people looking for followers and easy promotion.