In the spirit of Halloween, Resource Magazine finds 15 different photographers and influencers who are sure to make you toss your phone or laptop at the wall. (Don’t do that). Ranging from SFX makeup instructors to surreal photographers, we curated a list of various scream-inducing material.

1. Joshua Hoffine

Joshua Hoffine is considered one of the leading horror photographers in the world. His work is featured on many horror-related platforms. His earlier projects incorporated photographs based on childhood fears. Hoffine is featured in Rue MorgueFangoriaHorror HoundScream UKVirus, and Famous Monsters of Filmland.


2. Platon Yurich

I think I started off pretty heavy, so here’s a more dream-oriented photographer. Yurich is a Russian photographer more notably associated with Surreal photography. His work is featured on foto & video, and TravelAsk. You’ll see heavy resonances with surrealist artists like Rene Magritte.

3. Kyle Thompson 

Chicago-born photographer, Thompson’s work revolves around abandoned buildings and forests, and what he calls an “ephemeral narrative.” By capturing images that create a loop, his images become more ambiguous and slightly off. With the rush of atmospheric horror films like Hereditary and It Follows, these images are seen, again and again, unsettling traditional horror tropes.

4. Laura Zalenga

Laura Zalenga is a German photographer that works mostly with (self) portraits. Her photography centers on the honesty of a photograph, and the power of strong visual language. It’s also pretty creepy in the best way possible. Her Instagram is a great example of photographers employing the format to their full advantage.

5. Anka Zhuravleva

Anka is a Russian photographer and previously a model for various publications. After realizing her passion for photography, she pursued a full-time photography career that landed her numerous projects in magazines, publications & covers, book & CD covers, and physical exhibitions. She has a beautiful interview with Magic and Musing posted last year if you’re interested in learning more about her life.

6. Alex Stoddard

Los Angeles based photographer, Alex Stoddard has a growing list of publications including Columbia Records, Huffington Post, Refinery 29, and…us! Perfect for his atmospheric images, his exploration of bodies and holy imaginations are a great and beautiful way of re-imagining the surrealist, horror genre.

He also has a really cool Instagram that’ll give your eyes a break after all the selfies you’ve sifted through.

7. Sidney Cumbie

If you’re familiar with the SYFY hit TV Show FaceOff, you’ll probably recognize Cumbie as a contestant! He also works as a creature model and has a Youtube filled with his tutorials and terror imaginings. Although not entirely a horror photographer, Sidney incorporates SFX makeup and creature/body horror for terrifying screen looks.

8. Dain Yoon

South Korean artist, Dain Yoon, is a talented illusion artist sharing her art on Instagram. Initially a painter attending art school in Seoul, Dain Yoon continued displaying her art in exhibitions and different experiences allowing for people to witness her painted illusions.

9. Nelly Recchia

Continuing our photogenic body horror streak, Nelly is a French-born, Los Angeles-based body artist. No photoshop, only brushes. Nelly has worked on music videos, editorials, commercials, and fine photography. She also worked with celebrities like Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Marilyn Manson.

10. Mandy Mossman

The last of our body horror photographers/artists, Mandy came straight out of hell with her art. Maryland-born artist, Mandy specializes in SFX like gore/wound simulation, face painting, and theatrical makeup.

11. Juul Kraijer

Dutch photographer Kraijer has a long history working with sculpture, drawings, and videography. Like previous other photographers listed here, Juul focuses on a non-linear time perspective that focuses on expression rather than traditional iconography.

Juul does not have an Instagram, so these selected posts are from her tagged posts under her name on Instagram.

12. Gregory Crewdson

In 2018, there’s nothing scarier than the subtle horror in places that are supposed to be just “all right.” Here, we continue to explore horror in photography where things just aren’t as they seem.

Crewdson is a Brooklyn born photographer now also a Director of Graduate Studies in Photography at Yale University School of Art. Crewdson’s work explores the world and how photography can encapsulate you and bring you to their implied space.

Gregory also directed Sanctuary (2016), which is just as atmospheric and mind-boggling as his photographs are.

13. David Uzochukwu

Berlin-based portraiture photographer, Uzochukwu works with icons like FKA Twigs, who is known for her alternative distortion videos and music. He has also worked with Dior, Marvel, and Nike on various photo projects.

14. Brendon Burton

Portland-based photographer Burton spent his childhood in isolated areas that inspired his style in vacant and decaying spaces. Through concepts of cultural isolation and liminal space, Brendon’s expansive photography has been featured internationally in publications and exhibitions.

15. Christopher McKenney

There’s nothing better to end this article with than some photos from the Pennsylvania-based photographer, Christopher McKenney. Exploring horror surrealism through spiritual symbolism and everyday dreamscapes, McKenney is a great conglomeration of all we’ve read and seen in this article.