Being a photographer can be hard sometimes. One of the hardest things to do or even find a subject for your themed shoot. But do not fret, we got you covered with fifteen things that you can do to get the perfect subject.

Using the Mulpix website

This is the first on our list and possible the source that you will use the most in your search- using the Mulpix website. This website has over thousand media post from the social media account Instagram. You type in what you want to search up, it can either be tags and even people. It will be a useful tool.     

Networking in a fashion agency

This is important because it’s very important to network. It’s good to know people in different fields and being a photographer, you need to know everybody. A fashion agency is a good place to know people. If you have a fashion shoot or even how the model presents themselves with the different styles, they have that would suit your photoshoot. 

Make a good portfolio 

Once you on this quest to finding someone to photograph, you going to have to show what you’ve worked on so don’t forget your portfolio. The models you meet would want to see how you shoot and what’s your style. Different photographers have aesthetics so it good to always keep the portfolio in hand. 

Going to events/socials

Events are a good way to meet people. But it’s also a great way to find models as well. Events are a great way to network. Just make sure you talk to everyone and anyone you may never know where it will lead you.

Going to another photography session to get ideas 

A great way to make friends with is with other photographers. Photographers have photoshoots they do- if you’re a beginner it’s a great way to meet models and get some tips along the way. Not only is it a great way to learn but it’s a good way to meet people.

Go to website Groupon  

There another website that you can use called Groupon. Who knew that Groupon can help find you someone to photoshoot? This website is a great to do just that- you’ll be able to discover different model headshots. This is a great way to choose your model and very unique since groupon is famous for coupons to different places. 

Go to college campuses

If you need a younger model for your shoot- you can go to college campuses. College campuses have many different events and many different students who are involved with many different types of clubs. You can find people of many talents that you can use for the shoot. You can meet many people.   

Enlist A Model Agent 

One of those people that you can network with is a model agent. Model agents are a very useful for the search because agents know a lot of people. You bound to get somewhere or lead in the right direction. It a useful tool for photographers. 

Looking for someone in the Entertainment field such as Actors and Singers

In the entertainment industry, many of the people have modeled either on their Instagram or even professionally. Finding someone that either an actor or singer would be your best bet or even had experience modeling. 

Family Members

You can even find help within your own family. Even though they may not have experience of modeling, it will be a fun shoot. Being able to use your line of work and use your family in it will be kind of a one of kind experience.

Social Media

This a given right? we use this in our everyday life and it’s a useful tool to find people. If its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you will definitely find someone.

Going to Different Luxury Clubs

Clubs at nightlife is also a great way to meet people. A great conversation can lead to business cards exchange and even a portfolio look through. So, another place to visit on your search. 


WARNING! Yes, high warning for this website so use caution when using this website. But it’s another useful tool to find people. It has many postings, so you’ll be able to find something

Other apps such as dating apps

Even though dating can be a little dangerous- take a few precautions when on here. But a lot of people use these apps to meet different people and also promote different things. It can also be a useful tool.