Photography can be a fun hobby to learn. A way to learn photography is using YouTube which is a major platform into learning different hobbies. Here is a list of twelve amazing YouTubers to help strengthen your photography skills.

One of their livestreams;

Tony and Chelsea Northrup

This YouTube channel is run by a couple that teaches different techniques. They also haveDIYs of light sources you can use while shooting. They also offer different reviews of cameras so if your beginning in photography- they can suggest you a camera.J

Some of the hosts;

Adorama TV

This channel is very different in how they use a lot of different hosts not like the other channels on our list. These different hosts are able to use their different experiences in the field to connect with their audience which is their mission. With this mission in mind- their audience is their main motivation.  



COOPH which means Cooperative of Photography is DIY central takes place in this channel. They will help with different hacks and tips for any level photographer. This is definitely one to look out for 


B&H Photo Video

Not only is B&H being a very well-known electronics store, but they have another tool which this YouTube channel is. Not only is reviews but they also cover different events as well. The events they go to will benefit photographers. So you’ll get a lot of information on cameras and different equipment.


Have you ever used Adobe Photoshop? Do you need more practice on it? This channel will be able to help you in many. But it be able to tell you on more Adobe programs and even video programs as well. This is different than other channels on our list but it wouldn’t hurt to check this out.


This community turned into a global community to help people strengthen people’s skills or even help beginners as well. They use their videos to enagage with their audience. 


Jessica Kobeissi

The first fashion photographer on our list. She can teach you the right way shooting your subject in different settings and how they should look with their different outfits. She also specializes in portraits as well.

Mango Street

They are all about photography tutorials in this channel. Not only do they do photography cameras but they also do tutorials for mobile devices. So not only will you learn on a professional camera but on your phone as well.

The Slanted Lens 

This is a little bit of everything for everybody. You got reviews, different techniques to learn and many more. This one is the one for you if you want to learn as much as possible.

Peter McKinnon

Not only is he a photographer but he’s a cinematographer as well. Some of he’s videos include vlog like videos, but you get the different photographer videos like the ones on our list. He’s pretty unique in his videos; it will be a good tool to see what he offers. 

one of his videos;

Chris Hau

These videos are so beautiful to look at. Your learning about photography but you also get to see how Hau uses the different landscapes and how the different techniques he uses. He does one video on how to photograph the stars. Even though he’s just started his channel, hes one to check out.


This channel is all about different styles of shoots. Some of these styles include vintage and even modern. Their mission is to educate using in depth videos and use tutorials for their views. If you want to learn different styles this is for you.

Kai W

W is definitely the nerdiest out of everyone on our list. He is another vlogger but still has a little hint of photography reviews and a lot of tips for you to digest. He has a nerdy personality that makes very watchable, so you’ll never be bored. 



Another group channel of different professionals that all share the same common interest. You will get some tutorials, reviews, vlogs and many more videos. You’ll be entertained while at the same time being educated. 

one of his videos;

Karl taylor

Last but very not least- we are introduced to the technique of taking picture of products. He’ll even teach how to use Adobe Photoshop as well. This one will be very informative for every level of photographer you are in.