With the end of the new year comes all the gear and production that allowed our digital memories to exist. Here’s a list from Resource counting off the best products and accessories that helped complement our photos and videos in 2018.

1. Phone Stands

Whether it be the one you stick to the back of your phone, or a physical external one, you can’t shoot without these. All you have to do is set self-timer and adjust your angle and you’re all set. These Popsockets also serve as phone protectors to prevent you from dropping them. With a better handle and a better grip, you’ll be able to take photos without any issues.

The Popsockets have climbed in popularity throughout 2018. They now come in a ton of different designs and colors. And if you’re setting up for a video, you don’t have to touch anything after you click record, you can trust it won’t keel over.

2. Portable or External Phone Charger

After shooting for a whole day, whether it be via self-timer or with a group of friends, one of the flaws of mobile photography is its battery power. Instead of calling it a day, opt in for battery options like portable charger or even a phone charger extension cord. This allows you to not only charge your own phone but other things as well.

Portable phone chargers also allow users to move around instead of staying in one place, in case you wanted to change settings or shoot locations.

3. Universal Phone Mount

Whether you’re driving for Uber or you’re looking for a stand with more durability and flexibility, the universal phone mount has everything you need. They’re pretty accessible to get, being sold at retailers like Urban Outfitters. These are great for capturing still photos that you need two hands to fix and work with. These also work well to just hold your phone and watch or read things off as well when you’re not shooting.

4. Posernap Phone Lenses

Mobile phone lenses range in type and sizes. The majority are clipon and all you need to do is align your phone lenses with the additional lenses. Some comes as a phone case with the lenses already included inside. Some even require you to do other things like attaching a whole phone frame to a device with lenses to allow for optimal clarity and durability.

Of course, they range in price and accessibility, but the clip-on lenses are a go-to for visually stunning mobile photography at a low cost.

5. Olloclip Lenses

Given their affordable value for the quality of these mini lenses, Olloclip carries everything from boxed sets to individual pieces. Olloclip captures intense, vibrant images all while attached to whatever phone that’s compatible. Giving full DSLR camera quality to miniature camera phones, Olloclip saves a lot of time and money for the casual mobile photographer.

6. Smartphone LED Video Light

It’s one thing to have your lenses already taken care of by external macro lenses or 4-in-1 lenses, but you’re still left with a limp, blurry subject. iBower offers their users a flash of light that they can manipulate and change depending on what they need. This is great for indoors shoots where lighting can be just as expensive as getting a new camera.

7. Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 Smartphone Instant Photo Printer

Connecting your phone to your computer to your home printer sounds like antiquated technology given we have the freedom to Airdrop complete strangers an album from our Photos Library. There are efforts being done to help this glossed over this area of photography: printing. For mobile photographers, getting an instant print seems something like a miracle. Fujifilm helps with their instant photo printer delivering vibrant, enriched prints each process.

8. Melamount Video Stabilizer Pro Multimedia Rig Case

Earlier we talked about how there camera lenses that mount onto the entire frame of your phone. This is one of them, and they do more than just change your lenses. This rig case allows users to stabilize their videos and it already comes attached with a light fixture and a mic. This is a great videographer’s accessory for fast and easy production.

9. Insignia Tripod and Bluetooth Shutter Remote

Insignia not only offers you a tripod stand to hold your phone, but also the option to take your photos from afar featuring a shutter remote. Rather than taking self-timer pics, you can now decide exactly when you want the shutter to go off.


10. Glide Gear Horn Handle Grip Stabilizer

The Glide Gear stabilizer is marketed for bigger phones and cameras. Given where technology is taking us, phones are only getting bigger and bigger. This grip is a step up from the stabilizer rig case from above. This offers full command over videographer controls and direction.

11. Movo Smartphone Video Rig

Looking to go more on the go in a crowded area? This video rig is great for shooting public videography while staying compact and portable. The large mic allows for easy reception. The rig is directly attached to the phone for great durability.

12. Photojojo Cell Lenses

These affordable, easy-to-use magnetic lenses differ from the clip-on. These are great casual lenses that still offer great visual features. The lenses include fish eye lenses, wide angle, and telephoto.

13. Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand

These Gorillapod stands do more than your average stand. If you’re outdoors and need something more malleable and adjustable, the Joby GripTight will curl around just about anything and keep your phone in-tact. It can curl around a tree branch and as long as you adjust the phone to look straight at you, you’ll see great results.

14. Shoulderpod Professional Smartphone Rig

For something one-handed and easy, this simple rig allows its users to take beautiful, stable videos with just one hand. This is great for travelers, vloggers, or just about anybody who needs a free hand.

15. HP Sprocket Photo Printer

Again, with the technology of printers given some shine, the HP Sprocket jumps on the train of great printing delivered. The HP printer processes amazing, vibrant images straight from the smartphone for seamless integration.

16. Zhiyun Smooth 4 Handheld Smartphone Gimbal

For active stability, the Smooth 4 is great for capturing action shots or outdoor movement. Meant to handle any kind of movement, this gimbal will be great even during a sports game.

17. DJI Osmo Mobile 2

Featured earlier in our own magazine as the best product of 2018, the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 allows users to have complete control over their video direction and authority without losing stability or quality. Its designed for vloggers and videographers, but is a great accessory for anybody interested in videography.

18. VideoMic Me

Chances are you can’t capture everything with just your phone mic. Video Mic Me features an external microphone that capture all sound creating a panoramic sounding image. You don’t want to miss great audio when shooting and the VideoMic won’t let any issue like that arise.

19. Photojojo Shutter Remote

Photojojo offers great, affordable mobile photography accessories that are accessible and easy to use by everybody. With their shutter remote, you get a simple point and click remote that allows you to choose the exact time your phone should respond to you.

20. Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner 

This accessory is for analog film lovers. From Lomography, this film adapter will process all your negatives into your phone through their film scanner. This means, you can finally pull all your old negatives out and re-scan them straight to your phone!