Instagram is one of the most used social medias not only is it used to showcase photos and videos but the type of the theme you want to present. Some of those themes include books and even food. So, you know those food Instagram’s that you see on your explore page and make want to drool; there are some that will literally make you hungry, here’s the list to give your feed a makeover.



This account is run by Khalil B- he usual does major close ups of each of the foods that he photographs. The one item that he photographs the most is avocado toasts or even burgers with avocado in it, so you know that’s his favorite. So, see the sea of green in his feed like c’mon look at that photo. 



This is what aesthetically pleasing foods look like. This account is run by a photographer named Rayna Greensburg, you see a lot of table ready photos. She uses it to her advantage and you can definitely the different landscapes of the different foods.  



What Tina does in her pictures she not only uses the landscape, but she does special food as well such as ice cream and even tater tots. The color palette as well is very pleasing. 



Lina is one of those photographers that does angle shots which is pretty cool. You want the different variety of pictures and also different foods as well, this is the feed for you.  



Okay so this account is different than all the rest. Not only is this about luxury items and travel but shows the higher priced food as well. This account shows the food at a higher angle but stil is effective in you wanting to eat it yourself.


Now, this account has the gooiest and most satisfying food you probably ever seen. Not only are there burgers, fries and many others but they make sure to get every detail of how good the foods are. This will really make your mouth water.

Earth By Anna


You like arranged colors? Or do you like seeing acai bowls? This account is definitely the one for you. Not only is it colorful but it’s a very pleasing feeling to see all the healthy foods together in one bowl. Your eyes will thank you.   



What’s unique about this account is that he photographs different cuisines. Especially the cute fish pastries in his feed. Those pastries are very popular in the other side of the world; it’s pretty unique seeing different side of the worlds being presented in his feed. 



New York City is known to have different food all around the city. In this account we are introduced different places in the city that you probably didn’t know existed. For example, going to a place called Fry Guys where everything is about fries- who knew?



Get ready for the latte art! If you are a sucker for fashion and on top of that coffee, this is definitely your cup of tea; like is there really more to be said.

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Alright raise your hand if you like grilled cheese? This Instagram is dedicated to grilled cheeses and you can definitely see the details in each of the photos. So, you know you’ll be hungry



This account definitely shows the photographer editing skills to the T. Look at that photo it screams #foodgoals. You would want to see this feed for sure.



Not only is this account run by friends, but they take you on their food adventures. This is totally the feed for you if you definitely want to go on a journey.



 Not only does this account do every food you can think of and even have different angled photos of the delicious food. But it definitely shows the ultimate combo of coffee and even poptarts which hasn’t been showcased on our list. 



If you’re looking for another feed that’s aesthetically pleasing- this is for you. You have different showcased foods but each photo has their own vibe where you really want to eat the foods. 

The Boy Who Bakes


Not only is she a columnist for the New York Times but Alison is also and author of cookbook as well. She’s the ultimate foodie. She even bakes for herself which is some of posts. If you like home cooks she is definitely the one for you.



This feed is definitely another one for the people who love put together photos. You can see that each photo coordinates with each other and has the same color palette. You can even see acai bowls on the feed as well. 



Who ever thought of a user name like that? Each of these pictures show case a salad or even a healthy food item as well. If you like healthy foods or even looking at it- this is one feed to consider. It will definitely make you wanting these foods. 



This the ultimate bread Instagram. Some of these breads are very pretty to look at. The cracking on top and even the different designs of these breads. Bread lovers unite!



Now this is breakfast overload. You have cereal, eggs, beautiful tables, and even a rustic vibe with each photo. Some photos also showcase in some photos of how honey stops in mid air which is a first on our list.



This feed is the extreme take on a foodie’s paradise. This photographer, Gaberial takes the cake in how he showcases the different photos but uses more of the vibe you when looking at fashion magazine. The food is the models which is a different take on these foodie photos.


On this feed we are introduced to designs on these foods and even pies. Judy Kim who is in charge of this account, shows her audience of the different foods she makes and even photographs different cuisines.



Sweets, sweets and more sweets. If you have a sweet tooth this is the feed for you. Each picture is a guarantee that will make your mouth water. Each of these homemade cookies, you can tell they all came out the oven. 



Molly is definitely the home cook vibe, even though there’s others on our list but she immediately shows the process of her creations. All of her creations are ones to fest your eyes on because they are all so pretty; presented on nice baking sheets and more.



What more can you ask for with the same kind of color palette and beautiful picture of food. You get the sense of the home vibe with this feed. You also get grains of salt along the way.



You want more bread and designs? This feed is for you, you have the best of both worlds. You have beautiful leaf designs and even nice loaves of bread which are beautiful to not even eat.


More of the latte art and little pasteries are very much for you if you want more coffee on your newsfeed. But unlike our last coffee account on our list- this account shows us more of the foods that accompany the coffee. 



Even it’s a minimal style account-this shows a lot of color. If you really want a pop of color this is for you. The one reoccurring color you do see a lot of is red so keep in eye on that. 



One word..big portions. This account showcases more of the shared big portion dishes but even, so you do see a lot of single food items as the other foodies on our list. Think of these photos to be more of shared foods with friends. 


@ Abhishekdekate

What is food without friends? As in most restaurants, most people go with friends; this account showcases more of the food journey involved with friends which is pretty awesome.



This is another fasion food type of photos with different type of foods. It is very pleasing to the eyes. Another one for the fashion in you.



Yes! Another baker on our list! You can never be to tired looking at sweets. All the home baked goods will make want to go to the supermarket and get baking supplies.



If you love brunch this is for you. You got waffles, eggs, and even a waffle chicken sandwich which is first on this list. 



Vintage is definitely a word to describe this feed. Not only is the color of a darker tone but there is a single item food showcased in each photo. This also gives a minimal vibe as well.


This takes comic books, video games and other pop culture items that are showcased in desserts. This account will get wanting to see more of these delicious creations; they are very unique, like look at this cake.



This is a first on the list that show cases flowers with the whole tablescape photo. In this feed you definitely see another vintage type of photos. These are beautiful to say the least. 



You are going to see a lot of Asian cuisine in this feed with a slight touch of other cuisines as well. This will include noodles, fish dishes, and even more for your eyes pleasure. It’s good one to add to your Instagram viewings.