Are you looking to indulge in YouTube travel content but have gotten bored of run-of-the-mill walk and talk vlogs? Check out these 5 creators who bring pro-level cinematography to the world’s most beautiful places.

1. Tim Kellner

A veteran of cinematic travel videos, Tim’s videos are short, ambient, feature superb sound design and are filmed all over the world from Sri Lanka to New York City. Capturing an adventure over one day, Tim has perfected this style and also amazingly composes all of his own music for his films.

2. Kraig Adams

A nomadic minimalist, Kraig has pioneered a style of travel filmmaking that is hard to resist. Mixing traditional vlogging with epic cinematic scenes in the same video, Kraigs mastery of editing allows 2 storylines to coexist at once and makes for entertaining content to binge. Be sure to check out his viral 40-minute viral “Super Vlog” of Japan.

3. Ollie Ritchie

Both a strong photographer and director, Ollie’s films are half road trip adventure, half cinematic nature film. Best of all, his ability to establish a scene, characters, and storyline all without dialogue is attention grabbing and easy to consume.

4. MrBrynnorth

If you’re feeling like diving deep into the nature of earths most beautiful places, look no further. MrBrynnorth’s videos get right into far-away-lands like Mongolia, the Alps, Kenya for both a cultural and natural experience to enjoy. With regular uploads, this channel is great to satisfy your travel-urge if you’re really looking to get away.

4. Josh Cowan

Josh embodies a well known skill of modern day cinematic films – droning. Josh heavily uses moving drones in his films, often at high altitudes, following a dune buggy down a beach, or weaving through massive rock formations on the beaches of Mexico. Experience what it is like to fly over the world’s most beautiful places.