2019 has just arrived and you need to capture some new memories for your laptop folder. Pictures are such a great way to capture memories which can be the different settings that around you or even the people you are with. This is a list of five events that will surely make bring the new year on a positive note and not having to worry about those resolutions…. just yet anyway.


Winter Bridal Show Lansing

January 5 & 6 

This is not only a convention for wedding and other vendors as well. Weddings are one event where photos are important, so people can have memories. This will be perfect practice for upcoming photographer or even if you want to try and have a wedding business as well, you can get some tips. This is definitely for beginners.

Beaver Creek

Winter Imaging in Beaver Creek Conference

January 7-11  

You will learn a lot through this event. Some of the techniques will included some evidence-based practice shots and even enhance some skills you had before. This is another way to meet more people and get more ideas.   


International Symposium on Electronic Imaging Science and Technology

January 13-17

This event is interesting compared to the others on this list because of the inclusion of virtual reality and even augmented reality. There are eighteen different tech conferences that you enjoy while attending. You may be thinking that there aren’t photography conferences- there are! It’s a great way to see what new ways and techniques you are able to use while taking photos. You may even meet people as well!  


Imaging USA

January 17-22

This is a convention is also a tradeshow and even an exhibit all in one. With over 10,000 photographers’ attendees going each year, it’s an event for everyone. It also a learning event for all photographers even if you have an idea of having a photo business. They even added a new class for the new year and even arrive earlier for even more classes. This is a three-day event so be prepared for this with extra camera batteries. 



January 21-26

This event is basically a little bit of networking and learning at the same time. At any level of being a photographer, this will definitely help in you venture. You different workshops and even walk through a gallery to gain inspiration. Hopefully you can find your muse.