Whether it be platonic, romantic, or strictly professional, when is a good time to call it quits? Or, more lightly, take a break? When people enter into somebody’s creative space, it tends to not be that person’s personal creative space any longer.

For instance, when you’re in your creative flow and a friend, lover, or professional colleague disturbs you and fails to recognize your focus, what do you do? These people care about you and are there to push your ability to create. So, how do you deal with the conundrum? You start by figuring out how to make your relationships beneficial and happier for both of you. This idealizes and actualizes your needs to be recognized by those around you—plus, you’ll probably create more with this environment. 

When the right relationships obstruct your vision for what you want artistically, it is best to communicate that very issue first. Nobody knows your creative process like yourself. Everybody has a different way of experiencing and driving their own artistic flow. So, how can you prevent or settle unsupportive or challenging relationships now or in the future? 

Communicate and Resolve

Everybody has a different relationship with every person they meet. Creatively speaking, this doubles in complexity when talking from professional to professional, platonically, and especially romantically. The different forms that creativity take is endless and nonstop, there is no one way of doing something.

In that sense, resolving rather than ranking creative endeavor over another is a great way to be respectful and cooperative with the other person. Recall what you envision out of your art and what intentions you set forth. This should pilot the way you handle and talk about your needs. And, needs are different than wants. Cooperate and find a middle path. 

Recognize their Effort

Most of the time, people do not mean the actions they do, however obstructive. If their actions are directed at your art and process, then consider talking about why they may feel that way towards something as personal as your own creative process.

When creators take these concerns seriously, it becomes damaging to their own process and visualization. A mechanism to help with this is to distance yourself from their obstructive language or actions and remember your art and your goals. 

If you decide for yourself that you will make the radical jump of displaying your wants and needs as a creator, it will definitely open up some space for the relationships surrounding you. People will follow your intention and for the most part, they probably did not mean much harm. 

Say Goodbye

Sometimes honesty and communication just doesn’t cut it. Life’s problems isn’t always as clear-cut as a Disney movie, so what do you do? Maybe consider closing that relationship or taking a break. You can’t change how people view your art and your process, so how can you possibly change their entire mental anatomy? 

Letting people go always sucks when its somebody you like. You have to remember that if you’re being your most authentic self, it really is up to them to return and match that honesty and acceptance. When it comes to something as personal and constantly changing as your creative process, you are in control. You decide how another will see your process, and you also can decide whether or not somebody even needs to witness it or not in the first place. Don’t feel obligated to explain yourself if you don’t personally see a reason to. It’s your personal craft, not their’s. 

Sometimes the issue is completely detached from your creative endeavors. Hinderances that happen outside of your creative sphere are still hindrances. They need to be addressed or they will seep in during times that demand high focus and clarity. An issue that bothers you to the point of creative exhaustion is a blunt sign that you feel so not yourself that you can’t create at the thought of them. Or, you create, it’s just not what you envisioned. Consider a break, or say goodbye. You can always see each other again. Unless it is romantic. That’s a little harder and pretty much enigmatic and unique to each situation.