As a creator, you have a lot content to keep track of. Has that work and schedules been piling up? We got you covered with these apps that will keep you on track on all the things you want to get done. These are apps that you should start out with in your organization journey; it can be for everyone at an organizational level.

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Awesome Note 

Now this app is only available for IOS devices but even if you’re an android user- you will be able to get different ideas. This app is very special because it’s an all-in-one app where you have to do lists, your schedules for different things, and even different calendars that you can use. What’s really good of this app is that it’s really customizable so you can do different colored tabs and definitely will motivate you to update weekly. If you want a good beginner type of organizational app for everyone to use. They also came out with a second version of the app as well. 

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This app is for Android and IOS devices and it’s mostly keeping emails from all different accounts together. This is perfect for someone who needs to have their emails all together and organized. Its also a smart type of app where if you want to search for a specific email- it will be very easy to find. This app also won a webby award for the design the app so it really pretty to look at. 

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Do you ever have bad time management skills? Do you need help with it? This app called 30/30 and it will help you with all your needs of time management throughout the day. This app is very interesting when writing your tasks up because it only does it in thirty-minute intervals. It will definitely make you want to update it often- so you can be on top of it. This app is only for IOS devices.

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Full Contact Card Reader

Okay now this we know you guys need in your collection of organization tools/apps, this is called Full Contact Card Reader. What’s really unique about this app is that it’s able to keep all the business cards that you accumulated over the years; they’ll be easy to find. The technology of this app is that its able to scan the business card and convert it into a contact as you would have on your phone. Pretty cool, right? Available for Android and IOS devices.

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Last but not least- Lastpass is definitely something you need to have on your phone. This is for people who have so many different passwords and always forget them- now you have this app. You never have to press the option of “Forget password”. If you ever in a tight bind, you can add emergency contacts to the app that can have access to the all your passwords. Available Android, IOS and Mac devices.