For his following and further, Joe Pug released an Instagram post a couple days ago regarding a several thousand dollar camera he won.

After winning Best of Show for APA awards, he won a Canon 5D-S 50mp. He claims he has a similar make and decided to give it away instead of selling or using it.

From his Instagram post, “I think it would be a great addition to an emerging photographer’s gear arsenal and I feel like someone else should have it.”

To keep the camera in good hands, he asks for suggestions for photographers, editors, art buyers and any working photographer that could “use a boost.”

The Canon 5Ds is worth a few thousand dollars and he claims its best used for studio shoots and chronic image croppers.

Contacting his followers directly shows how strong the photography community is on social media. Sites like Instagram allow photographers to easily share their work and news with one another.

In regards to the photography community, he is making a generous impression on others. In an otherwise laborious-to-acquire gear and equipment world, he decided to give away his award.