Within the many communities throughout Instagram, Giphy award-winning videographer Ani Acopian has started a trend amongst photographers and influencers. Bridging camera gear with musical instruments, the trend reached all different corners of the internet.

Whether it be people beatboxing or dancing to the shutter sound, the video carries it all. Above, we screen captured all of Ani’s favorites that she added to her story. Featured on there are kittens and raindrop mouth sounds. Even a quick little Friends reference.

All you have to do is get your smartphone or DSLR and shoot away. Since each camera ranges in rhythm, its fun to see where people take their beat. 

So, maybe you’re with a date and your phone shutter accidentally goes off at an inappropiate time. The great thing about the Shutter Burst Challenge is now you can turn any potentially awkward accidental shutter experience into an entertaining one. All you have to do is start making raindrop sounds from your neck on beat and you got yourself a second date.