Being a creator can be tough sometimes- tough as in, it can be hard to produce new ideas. As we see in many influencers and vloggers, they get overwhelmed with everything in their way such as their audience and people around them. They also get overwhelmed by doing the same stuff day after day-getting away may be the best option. There are many places to help you in your journey for finding inspiration. It is most important to unwind every once in a while. 


Firstly; Get Moving and Get to the Street 

It doesn’t help being stuck indoors all day; you have to get moving. You find beauty in the uncanniest of places- even outside your front door. Walking is a very fundamental exercise for everyone to do and its very good for you to do so why not just go out to get some fresh air. Not only is this get way to get some ideas but it’s a good way to get some exercise in without having to put in the extra weight of a regular gym. 

Not only is walking one of the fundamentals in having deep thoughts or even getting ideas but you can go different places in around where you live. Different places such as parks or even coffee shops are bound to get those creative juices flowing. Here are a best places to go to. 



This place is the place to find some inspiration. Museums offer so much as in old artifacts, old artwork or even different exhibit. If you are a photographer, you can practice your skills here. If you are a blogger you can write a post about that experience. They are many possibilities in a museum. It always reminds us of how everything was in the world in times before we were born.   


A Bookstore

This is also really good to by when you’re trying to get some ideas for your next project. The bookstores we suggest are the ones you never even heard of. Independent bookstores are the ones that are hidden but are an amazing experience all on its own. This will be way better than a Barnes and Noble chain store, trust us.