A food blogger is mostly person who loves food and is able to write about their different adventures. These adventures can be taken place in different countries or even in your hometown. There’s one city that stands out above many others; it is far away then usual but it’s worth the trip. This city is Seattle, Washington. There are many reasons why we suggested this city.

Pike Place Market 

Now this place is the foodie’s paradise; you everything you can ask for- a farmer’s market and also home to many different cuisine restaurants. This market was founded in 1907, as mentioned on their website, by a councilman to make a farmer’s market. Throughout the 1900s- 1970s, the market went through hardships, they remained open. Even with much deliberation and voting that happened because of its visitors wanting the market to be renovated after all the years of it getting mistreated. 

The Birth Place of… Starbucks 

This will be a coffee lovers paradise- you’re in the birth place of this famous coffee company chain. It all started in Seattle with three students at the University of San Francisco- they all had a common, they wanted to sell high quality coffee after seeing the process of roasting coffee beans. The word “Starbuck” came from the famous book, Moby Dick. Now Starbucks has stores all over the world. So why not see the store where it all started.

And, Seafood!

Of course, why else would you go to Seattle if you don’t try the seafood? You will try different cuisines when you visit the famous market, but seafood is number one. You’ll have some salmon, halibut and others on the menu. There different restaurants that serve seafood, but we suggest by the water.

Their Famous Dogs!

Lastly, you have to try their dogs. These dogs can have different combinations in it and also different condiments. What’s cool about these dogs is that you can get them really late in the night- it would be a great midnight snack if you are out and about.