Curious about the creative trends that will fly this year? Shutterstock just announced their predictions for global and local trends that will influence the design and visual culture for 2020.

It’s that time of year again when the creative community refers to fearless forecasts on the top creative trends to guide their personal projects and professional work. Among the most trusted is Shutterstock’s annual Creative Trends Report, which is now on its ninth edition. For 2020, the company has identified three major trends, the local favorites found in 25 countries across the globe, and five rising trends set to gain traction.

Shutterstock’s data-led report provides insights that allow brands, marketers, and creatives to keep their visual content fresh and relevant for better performance of their marketing campaigns. The three main creative trends that were identified to lead this are The Roaring 2020s, Occulture, and InFull Bloom.

The Roaring 2020s, according to the report, draws inspiration from the 1920s, with aesthetics from the era returning to take center stage around the world a century later. Searches for “gold patterns” are up by a whopping 4,223% year-over-year, while “20s retro” is up by 189% compared to last year. The Occulture trend, meanwhile, suggests that Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha are getting into alternative faiths and age-old beliefs. This is revealed by more searches for keywords like “magic” and “spiritual,” which are up by 525% and 289% respectively. Lastly, In Full Bloom tells us that elegant arrangements and delicate displays are out; floral visuals in big, bright, and full bloom are in. This is reflected in the surge of searches for “flowerscape” at 141% and “bloom” at 136%.

According to Shutterstock CMO Lou Weiss, the data reveals that this year is all about “the pursuit of meaning, happiness, and opportunity in new creative projects.” This analysis, he added, was based on data gathered from billions of keyword searches made by marketers, social media managers, video producers, and designers. “It also serves as a source of inspiration for our customers and contributors as they develop creative projects in 2020.”

As for the promising trends and the related keywords, the report says they range from design mainstays and traditional arts, to elegant photography and modernized visuals. These are Cannabiz, Minimalist Black, Wild Life, Chinese Ink Painting, and Game On. Both trends around the world and local trends should be able to help photographers, designers, and content creators get a better feel of what’s hot in their own creative communities.

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