For the first time in our lives, we’re living through a time where the entire world is experiencing the same fear, the same pain and the same obstacle together. A man named Brother Richard Hendrick wrote a poem that explored the emotions of the world today. The power of a single poem touched a filmmaker in such a way that stirred a bigger idea.

The folks at Muse Storytelling reached out to the author of the poem to get permission to use within a short film. Marsh Jones, a spoken word artist was contacted about doing a voice over in the short film. Then, the missing ingredient was the global story of this pandemic as captured by filmmakers.

And while it may sound poetic to say that ‘story is the shortest distance between two people‘, the reality is we need that more than ever right now. We need our stories. We need to shorten that distance and cut through that isolation that so many of us are feeling.

Patrick Moreau, founder of Muse Storytelling

Muse Storytelling made a move and created a webinar for the filmmaking community where an incredible 800 filmmakers showed up and 250 stayed to work on this project.

With the idea of not only bringing together the creators behind this film, but also uniting the world and combating the sadness, loneliness, and fear that we’re all experiencing from COVID-19; a film was made.

The film itself tackles the realities of the virus, where there is death, sickness and helplessness. However, it also shows the hope, the humanity and the unity that we are left with as well. We are all in this together. We are going to be a stronger world. We will get through this together.

“Joining a team of more than 250 fellow filmmakers around the world to shine a light through the fear and uncertainty of this global pandemic, and to tell the story of the beauty of the human spirit, has been a truly amazing experience,” said Muse Storytelling community member Marty Miller.

To continue sharing the stories of these incredible moments amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Muse and their community are challenging people from around the world to continue to come together with stories of hope, sharing their inspiring moments on social media with the #choosehopestory.

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