This hilarious Streetercise workout video is for all photographers who miss feeling the burn!

Quarantine sucks; there’s no two ways about it, but we are doing this for the greater good, and that’s the important thing. However, if you’re used to hitting the streets with your camera around your neck, you might be missing the exercise you are used to. Have no fear! Nick Turpin has created Streetercise, the first workout for street photographers (or any photographers really) who miss getting their heart pumping. Join us after the break for the hilarious workout video.

So, what’s a street photographer under quarantine, or a stay-in-place order supposed to do when they live most of their lives outside on the streets? That is a great question. The exercise we get from photography is important, so this is a big problem, but it is one Nick Turpin has solved with his new Streetercise workout plan! This is one workout video you do not want to miss out on.

That’s right; with this Streetcise guide, you can burn off all the extra Mt. Dew and Cheeto calories you have consumed while being locked inside. Grab a mat and bench press that camera of yours until you feel the burn. Lunge around a corner and grab your camera like you’re about to take a picture. You can even run on the treadmill and act like you’re trying to get into position so that you can get the perfect shot! It’s brilliant!

Check out the hilarious Streetercise workout video above, jot down the moves, and then get your butt in gear! This whole quarantine issue will pass in the near future, and you will need to be ready to hit the streets with your photographer bod! Be sure to check out the rest of the videos on Nick Turpins YouTube Channel.

This article first appeared and was provided by our partners at The Phoblographer.