Learning C4D is pretty much like riding a horse. If you’re comfortable while doing it then you are probably doing it wrong. But there is good news, you can do it.


Dustin Valkema sure thinks you can learn 3D, especially if you are already a photographer that understands light. In fact, he’s pretty sure photographers and retouchers that already know Photoshop will have a head start against someone trying out C4D from Maxon for the first time.

According to Dustin in his recent article with PRO EDU, “

This is a question I’m often asked as artists begin to venture into 3D software for the first time and are considering Cinema 4D as an option. The answer is definitely a bit more complicated than a simple yes or no response. Let’s talk about it! In the video above, I discuss Cinema 4D’s learning curve, how to lessen that curve and begin the journey. I talk about ways of learning, feedback, and the importance of community-based mentorship.

In the video here, Dustin interviews Ashley “Ash” Murrel, a current student in the PRO EDU 6-Week CGI Course for photographers. Ash gives a first hand account of his experience in C4D and how hard it has been to learn.

Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks either? You can pretty much do whatever you put your mind to.

Read the full article from PRO EDU HERE.