In 2007, Resource Magazine was founded as a quarterly magazine. With early beginnings in the professional photo industry, its readership expanded to tech-junkies, videographers, and various types of creative professionals. But it didn’t stop there. In an age where creativity is universal, Resource is cultivating this evolving world of content creation by inspiring millions to create something meaningful. Built on the world of social media influencers, photographers, videographers, vloggers—everyone immersed in the creative lifestyle—Resource‘s editorials give readers an exclusive look at the world’s most innovative content creators and celebrity talent, encompassed by the highest standard of original imagery and visual content.

Alexandra Niki – CEO/President

Alexandra Niki launched Resource Magazine in 2007, and since 2000, she’s also owned and operated Niki Productions, a full-service production company that specializes in prop styling. This has evolved into what is now The Prop Stylist, a bi-coastal prop styling agency representing over 20 stylists and growing. With a keen eye for aesthetic design, provocative imagery and creative talent, Alexandra continues to boldly push beyond conventional production for digital, print and on-set. She studied art and music in college, and as a proud mother of two, madness and creativity seem to permeate everything Alexandra does, just as she likes it.