Founded in 2007 by CEO/President Alexandra Niki, Resource Magazine has carved a name as the premiere hub for visual creators. Beginning with a quarterly print publication that continues to thrive today, Resource covers all corners of the visual world, from photography and tech to video, food, and travel. We reach an audience of over 5 million creative professionals, enthusiasts, and hobbyists each year, as we expand our mission to expose the power of imagery to the world. Learn more about the Resource properties below:

Resource Magazine is quarterly photography publication designed to inspire and inform those who encapsulate the modern creative lifestyle. A decade ago, photography was exclusive to artists and professionals. But something changed. Imagery emerged as the authoritative voice in popular culture; no magazine had yet embraced this convergence of professional and citizen photography. In 2007, Resource launched on the mandate to propel this new generation of imaging culture.


Resource Online is a digital hub for professional photo and video news, reviews and editorials. With insights from some of the biggest names in the industry as well as real professionals working in the trenches, Resource is able to provide a unique perspective to both current and prospective professionals as well as amateurs and hobbyists in one of the most rapidly evolving industries.


Resource Travel celebrates the adventure and wanderlust that lives in all of us. With an emphasis on visual travel stories from around the world, we aim to inspire travelers of all types to continue exploring and sharing their experiences. As the world becomes more accessible, we tell the unique stories that make world travel no longer seem like a dream. By bringing the world to our readers through inspirational travel stories, we encourage our community to open their minds, take a leap of faith, and think outside the box when visiting even the most touristed locations on the planet.


Resource Weddings is an outlet for fresh, modern content aimed at professional wedding photographers. We showcase the artistry and expertise that goes into running a successful wedding photography business through long form informational posts and tutorials, gear reviews, behind the scenes videos, wedding industry social commentary, and real wedding content. Our goal is to provide straight-forward, real world advice and discussion around topics that are important to running a successful business while staying on trend in an ever-shifting industry.


Resource Unbox is a curated boutique website from the experts behind Resource Magazine. We simply connect our readers with our photography expertise, giving them a trustworthy place to find the best products on the market and the best places to buy them. With collections of re-views, in-house unboxing videos, and beautiful product shots, Resource Unbox offers you everything you need to spend less time shopping and more time shooting.