With so much new technology bombarding us all the time, it’s easy to get lost amid all the gadgets and hard to determine which products are the best of the best. The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) showcases all of the latest technology at the world’s largest trade show, giving consumers the opportunity to see the latest tech gadgets for themselves. But if you’re too busy to attend and still want to be in the technological know, don’t worry: CE Pulse has arrived.

According to the press release, “CE Pulse tracks and ranks social sentiment about consumer electronics, so site visitors can filter through the marketing hype and understand how consumers actually feel about brands and products.” Using CE Pulse will allow consumers to:
  • Discover breakout products and consumer electronics categories
  • Rate a brand’s popularity and consumer sentiment relative to the competition
  • Follow brand or category-specific tweet streams
  •  Pinpoint geographic activity
  • Engage in a dialogue live with people and brands

So if you’re thinking about purchasing a new techie gadget—be it a camera, Smartphone, or even new software—check out CE Pulse and see what other consumers just like you are saying about these new products!

It’s the new year, which means the king of all tech events is upon us: The Consumer Electronics Show 2012 is this week. Just about every tech-related company (seriously, thousands) will meet in Nevada to share the latest products and services they’ve been working on for the past year. Innovations in smartphones, computers (laptops, desktops, netbooks!), tablets, e-readers, gaming, audio, auto, TV, and MORE will be revealed. Engadget has a run-down of what we can expect from each category before the event takes place, and make sure to follow along on the official site next week!