The satellite imaging firm DigitalGlobe conducted a contest via Facebook in which they asked their fans to pick their best satellite image of the year. This crazy image of the ribbon-like Rakaia River, which runs through the Canterbury Plains on New Zealand’s South Island, was selected as the winner. The Rakaia beat out surreal images of Ground Zero in New York, Palm Island in Dubai, Gaddafhi’s compound in Libya, and the space shuttle Atlantis in motion. Check it out below:


The latest addition to Samsung‘s DualView point-and-shoot line, the DV300F, was announced today. The 16-megapixel camera has a 3-inch LCD screen on the back, as well as a 1.5-inch one on the front, which makes taking those self-portraits we’ve all become so fond of a breeze. And with the WiFi capabilities of this model, you can upload that self-portrait right to your Facebook page! Uploads to Picasa and YouTube (for videos) are also available, and the contents of the disk can transferred to your computer using the Auto PC Backup function.

The DV300F is projected to cost $199 and ship in March.

What do you think? With all of the camera phones in the world, is it worth it to put WiFi on a camera for the purpose of mobile Facebook uploads?



Cassoday Harder is a truly great photographer, and she’s only 17!
The young prodigy is based out of Newton, Kansas, and describes herself as:

“ruthless with a camera”

And that shows: her photographs are amazing… But the big question is: will she be able to sustain the quality of her work in the coming years, or is she only a “one hit wonder” who will soon fade away?
For more information CLICK HERE, to see here fotostream visit her FLICKR page.

Do you have a lot of pictures on Facebook? Do you want them put together in a nice photobook?

Blurb has the solution! They’re now offering to print your photos in a photobook of professional quality – it will even include the descriptions and reactions on your photos!

All you have to do is go to the Blurb site and click on Get Started – when you do this, the Blurb Facebook app will be added to your Facebook. Once you’ve added the app, you can select the photos you want to print and Blurb will create the little photobook for you! It is 7×7 in / 18×18 cm in size and your photographs will automatically be enhanced for printing. The app will choose the cover for you and place the descriptions and reactions on your photos in the book. When this is done, you can choose to print directly or modify your book with Bookify.

You can even choose to sell and share your book at the Blurb Bookstore! And of course you can transform the photobook into an e-book for your iPad, too.

For more information about this great app CLICK HERE