Want to add some cool effects to your photos but can’t afford one of those top of the line tilt-shift lenses? Lensbaby can help! Introducing the Lensbaby Edge 80 Optic, “a tilt lens that delivers a slice of sharp focus through an image that falls off to a soft blur.” This lens, with its 80mm focus, will make those flat photos pop! While you can take standard photos with this lens, why would you want to? Part of the ever popular Optic Swap system, you can expect the Edge 80 Optic to function with:

  • Composer and Composer Pro
  • Muse
  • Scout
  • Control Freak

The Edge 80 alos has a 12-blade adjustable aperture (f/2.8 – f/22), 5 multi-coated glass elements, and only costs you $300! Don’t settle for flat photos, start getting creative with your pics today!


Resource Magazine is excited to announce the launch of their new Winter 12 digital edition. To celebrate we’ve decided to give everyone a free digital copy for the next week. To access your free Winter 12 digital issue go to HERE.

This brand new online reading experience allows you to share and post articles on your social networks, watch videos, and bookmark your favorite articles. All while flipping the virtual pages of your digital edition on your iPad, iPhone or computer.  Try it out now and let us know what you think.  The first 10 people to post their comments and a return email address will get a free digital subscription for the rest of 2012.  That’s 3 more digital issues for free!

Panasonic has added 2 new cameras to their ZS-Series this past week, the Lumix DMC-ZS20 and ZS15.

The ZS20, with a 14.1 megapixel High Sensitivity MOS sensor, will produce images at an even higher quality than you are used to with the previous models. It also comes equipped GPS and the combination of Dolby® Digital Stereo Creator and the Auto Wind Cut function will help to end unwanted noises. Not to mention its 1.1″ frame and power zoom, there’s no mistaking why it is called  “the world’s slimmest digital camera with a 20x optical zoom lens.”

The ZS15, the less pricey addition to the ZS-series, shoots full 1080/60i HD with a 16x zoom. It also has a 12.1 megapixel High Sensitivity MOS sensor, and 32x Intelligent Zoom.

Both will be available for purchase in March with the ZS20 costing you about $350, while the ZS15 runs roughly around$280 .


Earlier this month Phase One released the newest version of their Media Pro photo manager. Priced at $199, Media Pro allows you to find, organize, and share photos and videos. Your images are kept in a large storage library, and you are able to save files from up to 100 different cameras. With the new Media Pro version you can expect:

  • Increased flexibility with importing
  • Bugfixes on both Mac and Windows
  • More camera support

Already have Media Pro? You are able to download the upgrade for free! If you don’t, you learn more and purchase it by clicking HERE.



Mitchell Parsons has taken photos of both celebs and musicians, but now he says its time for a change. After photo documenting the Occupy Wall Street Movement, he has decided that he wants to use his photography skills to make a difference. Parsons aims to show us the truth of  the many social inequities and injustices that many are facing around the world. The media’s attention sometimes gets bogged down in trivial matters, and the important stories go untold. Currently, Mitchell is looking for donations for some heavy-duty equipment, such as a bullet proof vest and gas mask kit, for his next story in Egypt. He aims to raise the money by May 3rd of this year, so if you are interested in helping take part in bringing the truth to life via his photos, click HERE.



It’s the new year, which means the king of all tech events is upon us: The Consumer Electronics Show 2012 is this week. Just about every tech-related company (seriously, thousands) will meet in Nevada to share the latest products and services they’ve been working on for the past year. Innovations in smartphones, computers (laptops, desktops, netbooks!), tablets, e-readers, gaming, audio, auto, TV, and MORE will be revealed. Engadget has a run-down of what we can expect from each category before the event takes place, and make sure to follow along on the official site next week!


We know that with the weather getting colder the last thing on your mind is ice cream, but we just couldn’t keep this from you!

For his project Summer Love, Brooklyn-based photographer Jonathon Kambouris took photographs of melting ice creams. So, are you feeling the love (and the heat)?


Hipstamatic has introduced its new Disposable Series, an extension to its widely popular app. Thanks to it, you can now “share” the same “roll of film” with your friends: photos are instantly exchanged once the roll is finished. This makes it really easy for you and your friends to create and share memories from separate cameras.

The D-series is the first free download and includes 3 unlimited use camera and 3 optional in-app purchase cameras. You can instantly connect to all your friends on Facebook and share your entire album through Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Take a look at the D-series in action!

Hipstamatic Disposable

For more information and to download hipstamatic CLICK HERE

Olloclip, the cool iPhone lens, is hosting their first instagram-specific photo contest! All you have to do to enter is take a photograph (with instagram of course) and submit it with this hashtag: #olloclipdec.

The theme of the December contest is “Holiday Cheer”—you know, Jolly Old St. Nick, roasted chestnuts, mistletoe, decked-out halls, that sort of thing. The winner will be selected via most “likes” on the statigram contest page, so get your friends to vote!

What you can win? In addition to receiving a limited edition, customized olloclip, your winning photograph will be displayed as Olloclip’s Facebook default for a week and will be put in the “Photo Contest Winners” Hall of fame album on their Facebook Page.

Santa Claus is coming to town pretty soon and the contest deadline is in 7 days, so submit your photo today before it’s too late!

For more information CLICK HERE



That’s right, this statue is made out of Shoes! It’s called ‘The Shoe Christ” or ‘Compulsion to refuse something that has been used’.

The artist, Petr Motycka (from Czech Republic) wants us to see what we throw away. The statue is made out of 1444 different shoes, measures over 19 feet in height and weighs over 1100 lbs.

This is what the artist has to say about his work: “The fact that the sculpture is made of shoes that had been used is very important. 1444 worn shoes mean that more than 1400 people and their stories are part of the Shoe Christ. Used things, and especially shoes, often evoke repulsion. There are not many people who buy second-hand shoes, who want to wear shoes that have been worn by someone else. Shoes are a very personal property. Shoes have become consumer goods and through their quantity and signifiers contribute to the overall image of consumer culture. Our cultural values and concepts increase their worth by being used. On the contrary, things produced by the same culture, lose their value the more used they are. We require pure matter and used ideas.”

Shoe Christ is displayed at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague, Czech Republic. What do you think? Is using religious icons a good idea to denounce consumerism?

For more information CLICK HERE