Ready for a little destruction? Artist Ian Sailer used high-speed photography to capture the exact moment various objects were hit by a pellet gun. This incredible series, titled Color Explosion Photos, is focused mostly on food, but a few other objects also fall victim to Sailer’s gun. Check out some of the results below and the full gallery at his Flickr.


These collages from Dutch photographer Wouter van Buuren are probably best viewed while sitting down. He took stereographic projections from very high points in New York City, the Netherlands, and China, and compiled them into 360-degree panoramas that will make your head spin. Check some out below and see the full gallery here!


Filmmakers on a budget, listen up! The Cam Caddie Video Stabilizer is a lightweight stabilizer for HDSLR that will remove all the jumps, shakes, and jerks from your video. The Cam Caddie has a six inch gap between the handle and the base, so your DSLR set-up will fit with whatever lens you choose. The one-piece design is simple, easy to use, and retails for ONLY $39. So stop making your audience nauseous with that shaky footage and order today!


This app is too cool. Lightbomber, by MRI Lightpainting, helps you kick your iPhone photography skills up a notch by enabling you to add light trails to your shots. To “paint with light,” all you need to do is set the exposure time, hold your camera steady, and have a friend stand in front of your phone and move their light in whatever design you want. Get the app for $0.99 HERE.


Time to add some magic to your manic Monday. Photographer Ira Fox brings us Reflections, a incredible series of photographs of reflections in street puddles in New York City. He captures scenes from city life in a way that is at the same time gritty and magical, much like the city itself. Check them out below:

More info about Fox and images from the series HERE.


These are awesome. Swedish artist Sanna Dullaway digitally modified several famous photographs that were shot in black and white to make them in full color. She presents the original and the colored versions side-by-side, and the results are striking.

What do you think? Does the color make the images more powerful? The portraits more real? Or should she have left well enough alone? Examples below, full gallery HERE.


Here’s a contest you can feel good about entering whether you win or lose: the Renaissance Photography Prize is an international photo contest which also raises money that goes towards supporting women with breast cancer.

Anyone can enter worldwide (applicants under the age of 16 must have parental consent). The categories are: expression, environment, memory, perspective, and disorientation. Entry fees start at around $23 US dollars (£15) and the entire fee goes directly to the UK charity Lavender Trust at Breast Cancer Care.

Sign up and more info HERE.


Want to learn how to better sell yourself? The American Society of Media Photographers is sponsoring “No More Grumbling–Get Out There,” as part of their Strictly Business series, presented by Blake Discher. This seminar is a presentation on sales, and topics to be covered include: how to “work a room,” the reasons photographers fail, starting an accountability group, overcoming fear of the sales process, and more. Discher is a Detroit-based photographer and educator whose clients include General Motors, Chrysler, American Airlines, and Oracle.

Sound like something you could benefit from? The seminar will be all over the place–New York, Hollywood, Minneapolis, Fairfield, Seattle, and Denver–from now through May. Dates and tickets HERE!


The winners of the Kodak Gallery Elite Awards have been announced! Chosen by Helen Yancy, Dennis Craft, and Rich Newell, these winners represent the best in wedding and portrait photography.

Donna Goodhue, of Rutland, VT, was named the grand prize winner for her photograph “Endless Love,” featuring an older couple sharing a tender moment. Goodhue is an environemntal photographic artist, and she specializes in wedding and portrait photography. The rest of the lucky winners are:

2nd Place: Dan McClanahan, McClanahan Studio, Ames, IA, for “Never Trust a Woman”  

3rd Place: Lora Yeater, Memories by Lora Yeater, Alma, WV, for “Good-bye”

4th Place: Audrey Wancket, Wancket Studios, Spring Grove, IL, for “Miss Priss” 

Each winner received the Gallery Elite Crystal trophy, a cash prize, and lab credits at a professional photo lab that uses Kodak products. The fantastic gallery of winners can be seen HERE.

Donna Goodhue’s grand prize-winning Endless Love.

Professional digital techs in Chicago, listen up: ProGear is hosting the Phase One Certified Professional Training program on January 26th & 27th. The program aims to help pros get the skills they need to master the Phase One camera system and the Capture One software. Over the course of two days, participants will get one-on-one training in addition to lectures in order to get all the info they need, from workflow tips to software use.

One of the biggest perks of this program: after two days of training and a written test, you can officially be a Phase One Certified Professional. So if you want to give yourself another thing to brag about, register HERE.