Ladies and gentlemen, step right up for your chance to see the Eye of America. This GIGANTIC film camera measures 35 feet long and captures images on negatives that are six by four and a half FEET, which produce images that are one thousand times greater than the average negative. Dennis Manarchy, the owner of the camera, uses the camera to make these giant images and also uses the camera to teach people about how a camera works.


The winners of the Kodak Gallery Elite Awards have been announced! Chosen by Helen Yancy, Dennis Craft, and Rich Newell, these winners represent the best in wedding and portrait photography.

Donna Goodhue, of Rutland, VT, was named the grand prize winner for her photograph “Endless Love,” featuring an older couple sharing a tender moment. Goodhue is an environemntal photographic artist, and she specializes in wedding and portrait photography. The rest of the lucky winners are:

2nd Place: Dan McClanahan, McClanahan Studio, Ames, IA, for “Never Trust a Woman”  

3rd Place: Lora Yeater, Memories by Lora Yeater, Alma, WV, for “Good-bye”

4th Place: Audrey Wancket, Wancket Studios, Spring Grove, IL, for “Miss Priss” 

Each winner received the Gallery Elite Crystal trophy, a cash prize, and lab credits at a professional photo lab that uses Kodak products. The fantastic gallery of winners can be seen HERE.

Donna Goodhue’s grand prize-winning Endless Love.