This app is too cool. Lightbomber, by MRI Lightpainting, helps you kick your iPhone photography skills up a notch by enabling you to add light trails to your shots. To “paint with light,” all you need to do is set the exposure time, hold your camera steady, and have a friend stand in front of your phone and move their light in whatever design you want. Get the app for $0.99 HERE.


It’s the new year, which means the king of all tech events is upon us: The Consumer Electronics Show 2012 is this week. Just about every tech-related company (seriously, thousands) will meet in Nevada to share the latest products and services they’ve been working on for the past year. Innovations in smartphones, computers (laptops, desktops, netbooks!), tablets, e-readers, gaming, audio, auto, TV, and MORE will be revealed. Engadget has a run-down of what we can expect from each category before the event takes place, and make sure to follow along on the official site next week!


What can’t you do with smartphones these days? I mean they’re useful for almost everything from surfing the Internet, texting, chatting, taking pictures, calling… But Hooman Khalili has gone even further. He recorded a FULL movie solely through his Nokia N8 in HD shoot tool, a dolly, and a custom lens. Khalili’s film Olive tells the impact a mute girl has on the people she meets. This is the first movie ever intentionally recorded through a smartphone. Do you guys think it’s as great as other short films? Will this style of shooting become a trend?


Are you one of those people who’s glued to their smartphone? Do you use your smartphone to take pictures? If you do, please tell us what’s your favorite smartphone/Iphone photography app!

We’ve selected ten apps we think are totally awesome:

  • FX Photo Studio
  • Camera Studio +
  • Camera +
  • Instagram
  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • ProCamera
  • Big Lens
  • Color Effect
  • Color Splash
  • Hipstamatic
  • 360 Panorama

So that’s just a small selection of all the apps out there. If yu use another app just tell us. Go to the facebook page and answer our poll!