In the UK started the ‘This Was Found’ initiative. Its founders print and frame pictures and place them in city sites where photographs (and art in general) are uncommon– from graveyard to a tree in front of a post office and everywhere in between. The idea is that anonymous passerby can either enjoy a brief photo pleasure, or pick up the picture and keep it. People are encouraged to update the “This Was Found” website with information on where and when they found an image.

‘This Was Found’ is really new, it only started a month or so ago, but we love the idea. So, who wants to start a US ‘This Was Found’?


[...] who find the prints can visit the website to report the print as being claimed.This Was Found (via Resource Magazine)var switchTo5x=false;stLight.options({publisher:'52b76d3d-a3cc-420e-9ad5-5754a0610115'});  [...]


[...] After the widespread looting that occurred in the UK recently, a guy named Mrog Deville was inspired to distribute photographic art to the masses. Through his project This Was Found, Deville makes prints of photographs, frames them, and then leaves them in various locations where you normally wouldn’t expect to see art. His hope is that either the works will be left untouched at those locations for the public to view, or that someone takes it home to treasure privately. People who find the prints can visit the website to report the print as being claimed. This Was Found (via Resource Magazine) [...]

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