Playing with Food: Shrimp Blaster Captured in Slo-Mo

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Playing with Food: Shrimp Blaster Captured in Slo-Mo

Some things just can’t be described in words. So I will let this video do some of the explaining for me. This video is considerably less angry than the one I posted recently. But it is no less cool, I can tell you that much. The slow motion capture of the shrimps going through all the different cooking phases is legendary.

Not only were they able to catch this going in slow motion, but somehow were able to do it with a very minimal amount of mess. I call that a win where I am from. For those who don’t know, slow motion photography naturally captures shots in slow motion. But sometimes it can seem cheesy. In this video, it doesn’t at all, and accomplishes the desired effect, which is, I presume, to sell me something (I’m not sure what yet). Regardless of what it is trying to sell, I’m intrigued. The video is mesmerizing. I’ve watched it at least ten times.

Experimenting with food is a fun activity. We did so in our last issue of Resource Magazine.

The Resurgance of Film & Why I Went Back

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The Resurgance of Film & Why I Went Back

It seems if you wait long enough things that were once in style and the thing will become that again. Just look around and you will see it everywhere, in fashion, cars, movies, toys and in the photographic world… film. The first digital camera aimed at photojournalists was released by Kodak in 1991: a Nikon F-3 camera equipped with a 1.3 megapixel sensor. Over the next decade digital became more and more accepted and people were heralding the death of film and it sure looked like that was true. Major film companies slowly over the last 20 years seemed to be phasing out producing film. Yet beyond reason and logic, film is not dead. It seems to have made a resurgence in our industry and is now considered indie, and specialized. Why is this? There are many reasons this should not be the case. Cost, time, equipment and learning a new medium being just a few, but amazingly I believe it is these same reasons, aside from cost, that is driving the resurgence in our industry.

We are artists, we create and we use our cameras to try and represent the canvas in our minds, this quote from Willy Wonka is one of my favorites –“We are the music makers, We are the dreamers of dreams.” How awesome is that? As photographers and videographers we are the music makers of the visual world. I can imagine the gears that turned in the minds of those first photographers two decades ago that got to experience digital for the first time. It must have blown their minds. Being able to see the results of their imagination instantly had to be incredible. With the advancements in our field why would any of us go back to shooting film? Why learn how to use an analog camera? Why learn how different films capture the scene before you? I believe the answer to that lies intrinsically in our need, our desire, our drive to create. I, like I am sure many of us “older photographers,” shot film when I was in high school. I shot with an old Canon T-90 and my grandfathers old Minolta SRT201. I loved shooting and learning how the camera worked. I loved going to the film lab to pick up my prints and can remember the excitement that coursed through me, the anticipation, and the nervousness. Finding out if the ideas in your head translated to paper was exhilarating if successful, and sometimes heartbreaking if they didn’t. It drove you to be better and more careful the next time you went out to shoot. Then came digital, and instant results and no time to spend waiting. Yes, my learning curve soared exponentially, and over the years you get excited about different things but it never was quite the same. So for me the journey back to shooting film is an effort to reconnect with those desires, those feelings of excitement and nervousness.

On December 11th, those familiar tingling’s came back with an e-mail from the FIND Lab telling me my first film scans in 15 years…. were ready. As I clicked on the link and proceeded to extract my files I thought about how amazing it is that we can meld to completely different mediums into one. I started to think back to the shoot and remember what I did, how I metered, how I imagined these images would turn out. With my heart pumping and hopes high I clicked the first image and…disappointment. The images were ok, but by no means what I had envisioned. Thankfully FIND lab has an option to get feedback on your exposures when they send them back and had some great words of encouragement to lessen the disappointment haha. Yet even with those feelings I wanted to go out and shoot another roll to become better, to learn from my mistakes and improve. Here is a few from that first roll.




Between my first attempt above and my second below I spent some time chatting with Christina Blanarovich (an amazing Film only shooter) of Zen Photography on ways to improve and things to do differently. So moving on from the disappointment of my first roll, I clicked on the folder from my second roll, once again feeling excitement fill my limbs and my heart rate increasing, keep in mind it has only been about 2 minutes since viewing my first roll LOL…and elation! The images from my second roll were so much closer to what I had imagined and envisioned. I went from disappointment and discouragement, to elation, and excitement in the span of two minutes. THAT is what film does. THAT is what I believe is driving a new generation of film shooters, of artists, of visual music makers. The need to satiate the desire to be challenged, to fill the void of creativity left by shooting in a world of instants, to slow down and just enjoy the act of shooting without knowing the result, to reignite the excitement that once resided in our souls. “Where is fancy bred, in the heart or in the head?”




I encourage any of you who have been wanting more from their shoots to go and get a cheap 35mm film camera check out this post Finding your perfect Film Lab and start shooting. The challenges you will face while doing so will make you a better photographer, and a better artist. Go be a music maker, be a dreamer of dreams.

Check Out This Video: Terror Taco’s From Sweden

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Check Out This Video: Terror Taco’s From Sweden

In honor of our previous cooking issue, we found an inspiring cooking show that will blow your mind. Just in case you were wondering, this is amazing. If a cooking show like this ended up on Food Network, I’d be glued in, because most cooking shows try to treat everyone like they are the next headlining chef, which they most likely aren’t. They act with precision, as a golfer does when trying to put for a birdie. I don’t have those kind of chops. I cook much like the guy in this video, minus the grunts and screams, and maybe the ax. Maybe.

Food is an interesting thing, especially when it comes on a camera through photo and video. They have an ability to change us, and I mean that not just in an existential way, but in an actual physical way. Have you ever looked at a photograph and immediately gotten hungry? Have you ever looked at a glass of cool water and gotten thirsty or felt dehydrated? We here at Resource have an issue devoted to the realm of food.

This Week’s Tips: Happy Chanukah!

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This Week’s Tips: Happy Chanukah!

Happy first night of Chanukah!  The Festival of Lights.   For this week’s Tuesday’s Tips I thought I should light the lights.  Since it ‘s the first night, I lit the menorah with 1 speedlight.

Menorah on 1st night of Chanukah

I shot this photograph in my studio in Boston’s South End using a single Nikon Speedlight shot through a Rogue Grid with a blue gel.  I put a Rogue Flashbender on one side of the grid to further narrow the beam of light from the Speedlight giving me drop off on the light in the foreground.
This photo is a mixture of available light and strobe,  when deciding on exposure for a photograph I always start my exposure with the element I can not control.  In this photograph that element is the light from the candle.  I used the camera’s light meter, set on spot meter to read the light from the candle.  Below you can see what the image looked like with no strobe and with strobe, without the blue gel.


The last part of the setup was moving the menorah so I had reflections in the base.

The photograph was shot with a Nikon D-800 and a Nikon 105 Macro lens, Rogue grid set, Rogue flash bender, Pocket Wizard TT5 & TT1.  The menorah was on a black velvet backdrop.  The velvet did not reflect any light, giving me the total black background.


Shalom, May Peace be with everyone this holiday season!

Photographer Shows Us Singapore

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Photographer Shows Us Singapore

This is a new film trailer from entitled “Singapore Sleeps.” It is a solo project that photographer Craig Burrows has been working on for a year. Much of it was shot in a 4K Ultra HD motion time-lapse showreel. There are so many cool shots in this video. For some reason, I’d always thought Singapore had a pastoral, environmental landscape. One that is covered with trees and grass all over the place. If nothing else, video showed me that Singapore has a ton of life to it.

For more, check out Burrows’ website.

Infographic: There Will Be One Trillion Photos Taken in 2015

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Infographic: There Will Be One Trillion Photos Taken in 2015

Well, not like this is surprising really. Over the past few years, the total number of images taken by all of us all over the world has quickly grown to incredible numbers. But one trillion? How was that number calculated? In a blog, Mylio explains:

Let’s say roughly half of the people in the world have a mobile phone with a built-in camera: around 3 billion people. And let’s say they take 10 photos per day – that’s 3,650 photos per year, per person. That adds up to more than 10 trillion photos annually (10,950,000,000,000).


More conservatively, if only one billion people have cameras or phones, and take less than 3 photos per day/1,000 pictures per year, that’s still 1 trillion photos captured every year.


InfoTrends’ 2014 Worldwide Image Capture Forecast estimates consumers will take 810 billion photos worldwide in 2014. This number will grow to 1 trillion photos in 2015 and 1.3 trillion photos by 2017. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2014 to 2017 will be 16.2%.


This growth will be driven by the increased ownership and use of mobile phones. In 2014, the number of photos captured by mobile phones will be 560 billion; by next year we’ll take more than 748 billion photos using our phones.



How are you going to store and manage your portion of that trillion? Read more about the situation at Mylio’s blog.

A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Film Lab

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A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Film Lab

Finding the one you love isn’t always love at first sight. As much as we’d like to believe in soul mates and perfect matches, life doesn’t necessarily work that way. Occasionally it takes multiple partners, horrible breakups, and some serious conversations in order to slowly fall in love. But once you do find the one, you sing their praises from the highest rooftop and your undying faithfulness is the stuff of legends.

Of course, I’m talking about finding your film lab.

Film shooters are pretty darn serious about their film, and they can be fairly particular about who handles it. That’s why finding the perfect film lab for your precious film is key to having a smooth workflow. Of course, most people would just say, “why not develop and scan yourself?”, and to them I reply, “well, there is this pesky thing called LIFE”. I don’t have the time or energy to develop and scan my film right now. Maybe that will change, but probably not. I’m a huge fan of outsourcing those things that don’t make you happy. The thought of developing in a darkroom with chemicals instead of spending time with my kiddos and husband, just makes me grimace. So I outsource to a lab who does all of that for me.Finding the perfect lab takes time. I played the field, so to speak. I tried all the big names. I tried Noritsu and Frontier scanners (I’m a Frontier girl, all the way). Just as I experimented with film stocks, I experimented with labs to see who I liked best. After a few months of jumping from lab to lab, I found THE ONE. I honestly did have a “love at first sight” moment. They GOT me, but more importantly they were willing to work WITH me to build the relationship we have now. Some of the others wanted a pretty penny to do that.

klejmont roundhouse at beacon falls wedding-252

Since I’ve been around the block with different labs, let me share some of the lessons I learned (mostly the hard way) to ensure you find your perfect lab.

1) Research the bulk of the work that comes out of the lab. Is it mostly light and airy? Do you love light and airy? Then start there. If you are like me and love vibrant color and contrast, then light and airy film labs may not get you. Yes, labs adjust to your preference, but from my personal experience (and the experiences of others I’ve chatted with), it’s best to go with a lab that produces a look consistently that you mesh with. I spent a lot of time with one lab trying to get them to scan my film with more color and vibrance, but they just kept washing it out. It looked great, but it wasn’t my style.

2) After you have decided on a lab to try out, TALK TO THE LAB! Seriously, folks. I cannot stress this enough. Before you send your film, call the lab manager and have a chat with them. Discuss with them your style and what you are looking for. Let them recommend a scanner and editor for you that best fits your work.


3) Send samples of what you want. Don’t expect your lab to read your mind. That is a huge relationship blockade. Open communication is key. I sent files of what I was looking for. When I was just starting out with film and didn’t have examples of my own film, I sent samples of my digital work and film images from other photographers I was drawn to. The more information you can provide, the better the lab can narrow in on your style.

4) DON’T BE AFRAID TO TELL THEM IF YOUR FILM ISN’T RIGHT. Seriously, no one likes having the “this isn’t working” conversation. But a healthy relationship means talking out the good AND the bad. If your film comes back and you don’t love it, call the lab. Speak to your editor and explain to them what you don’t love. Is it too magenta? Too much contrast? Not enough? Did they account for the highlights but you wanted them to focus on the skin tones alone? Be specific. Working out the kinks takes time. You have to be willing to go back and forth and invest the time and effort to make it work.

5) If you invest the time and it STILL isn’t working… break it off. I spent months with one lab that just couldn’t get me. I felt bad, but it’s not personal. I needed a lab that nailed my style. Eventually I found that lab and after working through my steps with them, we are a match made in heaven.

chicago on film-45

There are a TON of amazing film labs out there. I don’t think one is necessarily better than the others. I think it’s about your personal preference and style. But you DO need to be ready to work on your relationship with whomever you choose. So who is my lab of choice (you know you are all wondering who my film lab soulmate is)? I’m in love with The FINDLab. They just GET ME. So perfectly. I get my scans back and RARELY have to touch them. That’s what outsourcing should be to me. I don’t want more work. I want less, so having a lab that makes my film ready to go is key to my workflow.

Now I’m sure everyone has a different story to tell, but this is mine, and if it helps others get an idea for how to even start looking for their perfect match, then I’m one happy little film shooter. So get out there, shoot some film, and find your true love.

donovan ny film wedding-274

New Stop Motion Video from Oscar-Nominated PES Reimagines the Submarine Sandwich

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New Stop Motion Video from Oscar-Nominated PES Reimagines the Submarine Sandwich

PES, the team behind the amazing short film “Guacamole” (see below) is at it again with yet another short video that reimagines food in a fascinating way. Another stop motion film, this one was shot entirely on the D810 as stills and combined into one final product that is guaranteed to make you smile.

PES Making of Submarine Sandwich

Nikon Cinema has a huge behind the scenes interview with PES that is certainly worth checking out.

Their original Oscar-nominated film can be seen below:

2015 Sony World Photography Awards: Honorary Judges Announced

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2015 Sony World Photography Awards: Honorary Judges Announced

As one of the world’s most prestigious photography competition, the Sony World Photography Awards will continue to showcase the very best of modern photography encompassing a wide range of categories – from Travel to Architecture to Portraiture to Nature and Wildlife to Current Affairs and many more. Making sure the shortlisted and winning photographers will be rightfully deserving, Sony has chosen a carefully selected roster of judges composed of the who’s who of the photography world.

Images L - R: (c) Georg May, Germany (c) Nick Ng, Malaysia (c) Andrew Suryono, Indonesia (c) Arief Siswandhono, Indonesia. All images: Entries, Open Competition, 2015 Sony World Photography Awards.

Images L – R: (c) Georg May, Germany (c) Nick Ng, Malaysia (c) Andrew Suryono, Indonesia (c) Arief Siswandhono, Indonesia. All images: Entries, Open Competition, 2015 Sony World Photography Awards.

With only a month left before the deadline for photographers to submit their works for competition in the 2015 Sony Photography Awards, the list of esteemed individuals who will be responsible for honoring the best of the best is revealed.

2015 Honorary Judging Committee

The Honorary Judging Committee for this year’s Professional competition are as follows: Joanna Milter, Deputy Photo Editor, New York Times Magazine (USA), Matthew Leifheit, Photo Editor, VICE Magazine (USA), Enrica Viganó, Curator and Writer (Italy), Xingxin Guo, Vice Director of New Media Department of Photo Center of Xinhua News Agency and Editor-in-Chief of CICPHOTO (China), Oliver Schmitt, Photo Editor, Spiegel Online (Germany), Maria Pieri, Editorial Director, National Geographic Traveller (UK), and Sasha Erwitt, Picture Editor (USA).

Increasing the anticipation level to new heights is the exclusive revelation of some selected entries from the Open competition. that will solidify Sony’s claims that the 2015 Awards night will be a hotly contested one.

According to Sony’s press release, ahead of the event “photographers will compete across 25 categories for cash prizes and the latest digital imaging equipment from Sony. One professional photographer will be awarded the title of L’Iris d’Or / Sony World Photography Awards Photographer of the Year at the prestigious Sony World Photography Awards Gala Ceremony held in London 23rd April 2015. All winning and finalist photographers will have their work exhibited at Somerset House, London from 24 April – 10 May 2015 as part of the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition and published in the 2015 edition of the Sony World Photography Awards book.”

Other Info:

• An exclusive selection of submissions to the 2015 awards are available for publication via press.worldphoto.org
• Open and Youth competitions close on January 5 2015. Professional competition closes on January 8.
• Work by winning and shortlisted photographers will be exhibited as part of the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition, Somerset House, London to be held from April 24 until May 10, 2015 

Paolo Patruno Photographs Maternal Health in Africa

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Paolo Patruno Photographs Maternal Health in Africa

Paolo Patruno is a social documentarian and photographer from Italy who has traveled back and forth from Africa for the past 10 years gathering stories from the field. He uses his images to convey social and cultural matters that have ailed African people. One of those large issues is maternal health, and Paolo is passionate about this, stating that he isn’t just following people with a camera, but he does extensive research and study in maternal health with the aid of articles and academic studies. I was able to sit down with Paolo and discuss his recent work entitled “Birth is a Dream.”


When I asked Paolo about his project, he said to me “that it was a self-financed project.” This was something that he was doing in order capture images. But it was not simply photographs that he wanted to get, he desired to capture human beings. Photographs can make people objects that we see; but they don’t have very much tangible reality to them. Paolo told me that “more and more I saw that people didn’t know the stories in Africa. They couldn’t see real life. You might see a few images, but not reality.”

Safe motherhood Malawi

Tecnology supporting safe motherhood

This shook him a bit. He told me that he had to stop taking photographs for a year or two because he was wrestling with the meaning of taking a photograph. Was his art for himself? After a time, he realized he wanted to use his skills to share what people cannot or perhaps would not know.

It was then that he decided he would dedicate himself to telling stories of human beings. He emphasized the idea of seeing people as human beings, holistic beings that live and breathe and have the same longings and characteristics as we do in the West. But they, and I mean specifically the women that he focuses on, don’t have much support. He enlightened me that “women often don’t receive support from partners, and that the whole situation was a complex matter. We often try to give easy solutions to complex maters. There is a culture and a tradition that is very strong in Africa as it is in other places around the world.”

Safe motherhood Malawi


Change is something that he or anybody that sees the project wants, but it is difficult to come by. Paolo, in a lot of ways, is a voice crying in the wilderness. He told me, “his desire as a social photographer is to see change happen. But a lot of what he does is giving back while at the same time not knowing when change can come.” But his real desire is that people would see his work and recognize the subjects as human beings. “I would like them to see a woman and say to themselves, that could be my mother, or my sister, or cousin,” he said. He is adamant that this issue isn’t looked at as simply a medical problem, but a human one.


Most documentary work of this kind is done by women, and Paolo is one of the few men who is doing it. But he felt compelled to be an advocate for these women, partnering with non-profit organizations, and letting these women be free to tell their stories.

Check out more of the work that he does at his websites:



Twitter: @ppatrunophoto

Facebook: www.facebook.com/paolopatrunophoto

Images used with permission.

Experience Stockholm, the Venice of the North

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Experience Stockholm, the Venice of the North

This video is an effort to show the ways in which Stockholm in Sweden is a great place to visit. There is a notion, especially in Western contexts like America, to look at Europe and want to visit major sites like Italy, England and Spain. But AJTA productions has created a video that captures the essence of Stockholm with all its energies and scenic beauty through the use of time-lapse photography and, of course, the most elusive of elements within video photography, time. Time is something that is generally not thought of within photography, because mostly time is halted when a photo is taken. Or, if one takes a video, generally speaking that video might last an hour, if it is a long one.

But this video goes beyond that, and highlights the city for over a year, showcasing movements, lunar cycles and light changes. The houses are lit up and light up the night sky.

They’ve done other videos that you can go see on their website. They might just make you think again about visiting Stockholm instead of Venice.

2014 Top 10 Most Instagrammed Places

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2014 Top 10 Most Instagrammed Places

This year’s most geo-tagged place on Instagram is none other than the most magical place on earth: Disneyland. Not too surprising considering it’s a major amusement park, drawing in the masses daily and all year round. Not to mention, there are plenty of photos ops waiting to happen at there to be shared on the popular social app, made only that much more fantastical with the help of Amaro, Walden and Lo-Fi.

Take a look at the top 10 most Instagrammed places of 2014 based on how many time users geo-tagged their location:

10. The Dubai Mall, United Arab Emirates

???? ?????? ?????? Happy #Blessed #Friday Everyone #repost @binsuwaif

A photo posted by The Dubai Mall (@thedubaimall) on

9. Yankee Stadium, New York

#newyork #ny #nycity #newyorkcity #manhattan #yankees #yankeestadium #yankee #stadium #usa #america #unitedstatesofamerica #us #usflag #flag #baseball

A photo posted by Official page of New York City (@new_york_city_official) on

8. Madison Square Garden, New York

Who's ready for the @nyknicks game tonight?! We know we are! #knickstape

A photo posted by Madison Square Garden (@madisonsquaregarden) on

7. Red Square, Moscow

6. Louvre Museum, Paris

#Louvre by @superchinois801 #regram

A photo posted by Musée du Louvre (@museelouvre) on

5. Gorky Park, Moscow

4. Siam Paragon, Bangkok

3. Times Square, New York City

#theamazingspiderman helps us get ready for the #balldrop testing confetti for New Years in times square

A photo posted by Times Square NYC (@timessquarenyc) on

2. Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles

1. Disneyland, Anaheim

The sun sets on another delightful day! #CaliforniaAdventure (Photo: @motor_citykobra)

A photo posted by Disneyland (@disneyland) on

What do you think about this list, and what place do you want to see make it for 2015? Let’s us know in the comments!

Win a Phase One for a Month: Show Them “What the World’s Best is Made Of”

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Win a Phase One for a Month: Show Them “What the World’s Best is Made Of”

Phase One has launched a photo contest that asks entrants to submit one photo illustrating their concept: “What the world’s best [__________] is made of.” It could be the world’s best sport, love story, dinner… anything you can imagine! Anyone, anywhere in the world, using any brand or type of photographic gear can participate, which means you have no excuse to not give this a shot!

The winner will be given a Phase One IQ250 medium format camera system for one month & the ability to capture and keep some unbelievably high-quality images — plus a chance to share their photos with the world!

The Phase One Photo Contest is open throughout December, one entry per person. In January, ten finalists will be announced, and their work will be featured on Phase One social media sites. From the 10 finalists, a panel of three judges, including pro photographers Tim Kemple, Michael Woloszynowicz and Paul Reiffer, will make the final selection, and the winner will be announced during the first week of February.

For more information, including how to register to submit an entry, and to review terms and conditions, please go to: http://www.phaseone.com/contest. Photos, updates, comments by the judges, and much more is planned for Phase One social media sites.

If you want to go straight to the entry page, click here.

Good luck!

Victoria Secret Fashion Show Behind the Scenes Videos & Pictures (NSFW)

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Victoria Secret Fashion Show Behind the Scenes Videos & Pictures (NSFW)

The Victoria Secret Fashion Show took place in London earlier this week for the first time ever, and included musical guests Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Ariana Grande. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite images from the show, but there is a lot more that you should check out if you are interested in how giant productions like this come together. There is an entire page of videos that Victoria’s Secret put together (and which don’t allow embed) that you can see here. That set includes this particular behind the scenes video that shows the “Gilded Angels” segment of the show, something Victoria’s Secret is particularly proud of.




The only one who didn’t appreciate the wings was perhaps Ariana Grande.



The show will air on Tuesday December 9th at 10 PM on CBS, so mark your calendars if you want to see the entire production for yourself. For more information, head over to the show’s website.


FujiFilm Photo Tours Wrap Up in San Francisco

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FujiFilm Photo Tours Wrap Up in San Francisco

This past November, the Fujifilm X-Series Photo Tour Competition came to a close in it’s last host city, San Francisco. This  student photography competition allowed 12 students to take a tour through the city with professional photographic explorer Amy Heiden. The students were lead throughout the city shooting with the FUJIFILM X-T1, getting tips from Heiden and gaining inspiration and experience. And, of course, having plenty of fun!

With a winner from each city—New York, Boston and San Francisco—he or she will receive a FUJIFILM X-T1 and a feature in FUJIFILM’S Winter 2015 ad in Resource Magazine. Check out our recap of the final stop of the FUJIFILM Photo Tours!

© Amy Heiden

© Amy Heiden

Photographers are models too – on the San Francisco #FujiFilmPhotoTours @FujiFilmUS

A photo posted by resourcemag (@resourcemag) on

© Amy Heiden

© Amy Heiden

Slide of hand in Portsmouth Square Plaza, San Francisco #FujiFilmPhotoTours @FujiUS

A photo posted by resourcemag (@resourcemag) on

© Amy Heiden

© Amy Heiden

Mixer with Photowalkers at the end of the San Francisco #FujiFilmPhotoTours @FujiFilmUS

A photo posted by resourcemag (@resourcemag) on

Back in September, Resource kicked off the first leg of the Fujifilm X-Series Photo Tour in New York City followed by Boston in October. Check back in to find out the official winners from each city. Until then, scroll below to take a look at the San Francisco tour!

EDU: 10 Great Upcoming Photo Workshops For Students

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EDU: 10 Great Upcoming Photo Workshops For Students

Yet again, our annual EDU Photo Contest—in partnership with Viewbug and Sigma—is underway. It’s a student only contest, so get your work up to par with these 10 Great Upcoming Photo Workshops for Students.

1. Photography 1: International Center of Photography

viewbug, photo-contest, sigma, arts, photography-education

This is an introductory course, but one that you shouldn’t stick your nose in the air for. Gigi Gatewood, a working artist in photography and video and also a Fulbright Scholar, will teach this class. It will take place January 3-11, 2015.

2. Creative Mornings Lectures

viewbug, photo-contest, sigma, arts, photography-education

On December, 5th, speakers are invited to have talks about creativity, similar to TED talks. Themes such as “taking chances,” “loving your work,” or just question and answer sessions with famous creatives are ones that are explored in these talks. The next conference will be one that the “Audience Takes the Stage,” at the New School. Speakers will include Alex Rappaport, Sallome Hralima, Duncan Wall and Shawn Young. Space is limited and there is a waiting list, but don’t fret—these talks happen monthly.

3. NYC Photo Workshop

If you’re looking for a hands-on workshop that will increase your knowledge, check this one out. It will teach you not just how to “take” a photo but also how to make a photo. Upcoming classes are on January 16-17, 2015. This is a good way for you to transition from a hobby photographer to a career one.

4. Four Day Workshop led by National Geographic Photographer

viewbug, photo-contest, sigma, arts, photography-education

This is a must-attend workshop that will be led by Joe McNally, a National Geographic photographer. It is a bit of an advanced workshop, for those who have explored much within the photography scene. It is four days long, so you know that you are getting your money’s worth. The workshop will run from April 30 to May 3 in 2015, and it will also run from October 1st to the 4th.

5. New York City Workshop with John Batdorff

viewbug, photo-contest, sigma, arts, photography-education

This is a way for students to gain skills in street and urban photography. Legal and ethical issues will be discussed, as well as cover strategies for getting shots. You will be able to go home with amazing photos because this is a hands-on workshop that will actually help you as an artist.

6. The Art of Composition: January 4, 2015

This short workshop will be on January 4th, and will run from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM in the Lower Manhattan Conference Room. Topics to be discussed will be the Art of Exclusion, Lens Choice and Foreground Interests.

7. Portrait Photography in Central Park

viewbug, photo-contest, sigma, arts, photography-education

If you’re like me, you have ideas of learning new things, but don’t know where to begin. Where better to learn something new than in Central Park? This workshop will take place this Saturday, December 6 at 9 o’clock until noon.

8. New York Film Academy Photography Workshop

The New York Film Academy workshop is focused on providing skills and fully immersing students in the craft of photography. There are a variety of workshops in New York City, beginning on January 5, 2015.

9. iPhoneography 101

At this New York workshop, you learn how to take iPhone shots and how to market yourself with them. If you’re a photographer, or a prospective one, you shouldn’t miss this. The next date is February, 7th.

10. Photography: Studio and Lighting

viewbug, photo-contest, sigma, arts, photography-education

As opposed to just shooting, this workshop on January 15th is geared towards studio work and lighting.


viewbug, photo-contest, sigma, arts, photography-education

Our EDU 2014 competition is well underway but there is still plenty of time to submit your work. Any student can enter. Just upload your images via Viewbug’s EDU 2014 page. You could win over $5,000 in prizes!!!

Photographer Captures Daily Lives of Superheroes

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Photographer Captures Daily Lives of Superheroes

In his “Figure Fantasy” series, photographer Daniel Picard has created a world inhabited by our favorite superheroes and the most infamous comic book villains where they reveal their unguarded moments and most candid personalities. By maximizing his creative arsenal that include; a unique attention to detail, mad photography skills, a vast knowledge in the ‘forced perspective’ principles and blending it all with an intricately designed dreamlike backdrops, the fantasy characters comes to life and shows a side to them with which we’re not too familiar.

© Daniel Picard

© Daniel Picard

“Seeing Superman stop a train in danger is quite common, but making him take a selfie while doing it is something new and quite silly, and that’s how I try to approach my photos: I take these characters from different books and movies and mix them up and make them do things that we’ve never seen them do before because that’s the freedom I have in using these awesome pose-able figures and they’ve truly become the perfect ‘actors’ for my scenes.” explains Daniel in an earlier interview with the Black Ops Toys.

Daniel uses action figures of superheroes with sizes ranging from 6 to 12 inches, to mesh well with the stunning sets he creates using materials from Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys, all collaborating to make us believe that these toy figures are really life-size.

In Daniel’s “Figure Fantasy” series, we can see Joker is a big fan of the lego toy, Darth Vader isn’t that menacing when taking a pee in a public toilet, while the IG-88 Assassin Droid does some Yoga exercises by the beach. Every image is far removed from what we’re accustomed to seeing them in movies, comic books and cartoon series.

Check out some of the images in Daniel’s gallery below:

More interesting stuff and images for sale at Daniel’s website and ‘Like’ his Facebook Page for real-time updates of his upcoming photography projects.


Beating the Social Networking Game

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Beating the Social Networking Game

Ahh, social networking—a necessary evil in this day and age if you want to maintain a presence for your photography business. But how do you know which networks are best suited for you? Here, we profile the most common ones to help you decide where to dedicate your resources.


social-networking, photography, community, marketing, small-business, photographer-central

  • Best for moms who are dedicated to crushing that elusive candy
  • Worst for showcasing your high-res portfolio



social-networking, photography, community, marketing, small-business, photographer-central

  • Best for keeping up with the Kardashians (and the Wests)
  • Worst for getting noticed amidst 3,000 other Tweets being sent at the exact same moment



social-networking, photography, community, marketing, small-business, photographer-central

  • Best for making your friends jealous of your fall foliage-themed hike
  • Worst for linking to anything besides Instagram



social-networking, photography, community, marketing, small-business, photographer-central

  • Best for planning your DIY bar mitzvah, DIY custom shelving unit, DIY Halloween costume, etc.
  • Worst for those who care about copyright issues


Photographer Central

social-networking, photography, community, marketing, small-business, photographer-central

  • Best for being found by potential new clients
  • Best for photographers who would rather spend time behind the camera than worrying about marketing and SEO
  • Best for making sure your work is the first thing people notice
  • Worst for professional photographers who don’t want more bookings



Photographer Central is the most comprehensive directory for professional photographers of all genres. Get discovered by new clients in your area who are looking for your exact set of skills and start making more money.


Isn’t it time you got out of the social networking rat race?


Interested in learning more about Photographer Central and how they can help working professionals like you? Sign up for a free trial today.

This post is brought to you in part by our friends at Photographer Central.

social-networking, photography, community, marketing, small-business, photographer-central

Now You Too Can Photograph a Moving Bullet in Mid-Air!

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Now You Too Can Photograph a Moving Bullet in Mid-Air!

Trying to take a photo of moving objects that accelerate at incredibly fast paces can often end in frustration, bordering on the impossible if you’re trying to do it manually. If you are trying to do it, you tend to try to make the shutter speed match the speed of the object that is moving, a process that is often futile. Lucky for you, there is a gadget that has been specifically made for amateur photographers to capture what was previously unattainable: It allows you to take professional photos of insanely fast-moving objects.

The Vela One uses strobe lights to capture the moving objects, which you can see below. Nobody is being duped here, and the pictures are able to show it. In them, you can see the fruit explode, every curled texture, every roaring jet of water that is emerging from a piece of fruit. Previously, you had to pay a lot of money and use heavy machinery to capture such a photo. But this is no longer, thanks to this piece of technology that allows amateurs use their DSLR cameras to capture them. The Vela One rig costs 495 pounds, which is $779.62 in US currency.


The company’s founder Matthew Kane has begun a Kickstarter campaign that has nearly reached its goal with 16 days to go. Using the device can be very dangerous, but as they say, with great risk comes great reward.

Alex John Beck: Beauty in Imperfections

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Alex John Beck: Beauty in Imperfections

Beauty is something that everybody feels they have a grasp of… That is, most people have an idea of what beauty “looks like.” The ancient Greeks spoke of the aesthetics of beauty including symmetry within one’s facial features, showing that anyone who had bodily unsymmetrical features would lose aesthetic appeal. In other words, the less symmetrical that you were, the uglier you were. As you might have guessed, this isn’t an exact science.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 2.21.10 PM

In Both Sides Of, photographer Alex John Beck has deconstructed this pseudoscience by using Photoshop to show how eery our faces would look if they were perfectly symmetrical. He took side-by-side photos and used the mirror images to completely alter the faces of the actual subjects.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 2.19.54 PM

One can look at the photos and cringe with the creepiness of the way the photoshopped images change the subject, in a way that is unflattering. This is, of course, not a way to make the subject more ugly, but a way to highlight the importance of our imperfections. Every crack and crevice, sloping hill, jilted part, provides the makings of an unsymmetrical person who is infinitely more beautiful than the person who has symmetry. Maybe we were never meant to be perfectly symmetrical, for fracturing is highlighted in the photograph as part of the human being. It is the narrative that showcases the beauty.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 2.20.19 PM

For more, make sure to check out Alex John Beck:



Instagram: AlxJhnBck

Twitter: @AlxJhnBck

RECAP: Fujifilm Photo Tours Hit Boston!

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RECAP: Fujifilm Photo Tours Hit Boston!

In October, we kicked off the Fujifilm Photo Tours—a student competition among New York, Boston and San Francisco—from our Brooklyn office. The next stop was Boston, and, like New York, we straight up had a blast! With photographer Rick Friedman as the tour guide, not only are there an array of awesome photos, but a winning image that looks more professional than we could’ve ever imagined.

The winner is student photographer Dan Mcarthy! “My first reaction to the Fuji X-T1 was how different it felt than the DSLR I’m used to holding. When I began using it, though, I quickly realized it’s just as powerful.
With a list of very interesting features, such as double exposure, it instantly inspired my creativity,” Mcarthy explained. “I found myself in the zone of exploring the world around me, while also being enthralled in the extensive capabilities of the camera.”

You can peep his winning image in the Fujifilm ad in the Winter 2015 Issue of Resource. Until then, check out our behind the scenes recap of the tour!

fujifilm, fuji, rick-friedman, boston, student-photography, arts, contest


fujifilm, fuji, rick-friedman, boston, student-photography, arts, contest


fujifilm, fuji, rick-friedman, boston, student-photography, arts, contest


fujifilm, fuji, rick-friedman, boston, student-photography, arts, contest


fujifilm, fuji, rick-friedman, boston, student-photography, arts, contest


fujifilm, fuji, rick-friedman, boston, student-photography, arts, contest


fujifilm, fuji, rick-friedman, boston, student-photography, arts, contest


fujifilm, fuji, rick-friedman, boston, student-photography, arts, contest


fujifilm, fuji, rick-friedman, boston, student-photography, arts, contest


fujifilm, fuji, rick-friedman, boston, student-photography, arts, contest


fujifilm, fuji, rick-friedman, boston, student-photography, arts, contest


fujifilm, fuji, rick-friedman, boston, student-photography, arts, contest


fujifilm, fuji, rick-friedman, boston, student-photography, arts, contest

Stay tuned for coverage of the San Fransisco stop on the tour and an official announcement of the contest winners!

Splice the Mainbrace – #Instabrunch With The Brothers Buoy

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Splice the Mainbrace – #Instabrunch With The Brothers Buoy

The East Pole, on the Upper East Side, is a sophisticated place. With a menu that features “simple yet elevated home cooking with a focus on local, seasonal, organic produce and sustainably sourced proteins” it’s the perfect spot for a clean, minimal vibe and an overall subtle aesthetic. This, combined with the restaurant’s core nautical accents, is what gives the space such a trendy—but not at all kitschy—atmosphere, which is why it was also the perfect place for The Brothers Buoy, a seafaring food blog founded by Graham, Kit and Jackson Buoy, to host their Splice the Mainbrace #Instabrunch last Saturday.

The #Instameet included some of the top food Instagramers, bloggers, and photographers@gilliehouston, @ediblemoments and @jillshomer to name a few—and was complete with a one, two, three… four (I lost count after my third mimosa) course brunch both for shooting and eating. Much like the Instagram community, the food was served family style (emphasis: me) and the menu went something like this: chipolatas and bacon, banana bread, apple butter pumpkin waffles, smoked salmon crostini, avocado toast, eggs florentine and rigatoni. WOOF. Just thinking about it makes me too full to speak. Instead, I’ve put together some of my favorite shots from the brunch. 

All hands on deck ?? @thebrothersbuoy @theeastpole

A photo posted by @ediblemoments on


#amazing #brunch #theeastpole #newyork #city #outstanding #group of #people A photo posted by Christian Peters (@losangsouless) on

@thebrothersbuoy #theeastpole #smbbrunch #photography #arts A photo posted by resourcemag (@resourcemag) on

For more awesome food photography and brunch experiences, visit The Brothers Buoy site and follow them on Instagram!

Combining Traditional Animation with Timelapse: Cinema Dehors

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Combining Traditional Animation with Timelapse: Cinema Dehors

The creators of the short video Cinema Dehors urges its watchers to see the beauty that we often miss in the world because of new technologies. Of course, that isn’t an indictment of technology, but simply a call to recognize how distracting it is. The experimental short video combines animation with a use of time-lapse photography. You let us know what the video is about from your perspective!

“An experiment to combine traditional animation and timelapse photography to tell a story. It has been created for Tropfest Australia 2014, but unfortunately hasn’t passed selection! Living in the modern world we are too busy with our daily routines and addicted to technologies that sometimes we forget that the real beauty of this world is right in front of our eyes.”

GoPro’s Nick Woodman Goes From Shark Bait to Season Six Guest on Shark Tank

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GoPro’s Nick Woodman Goes From Shark Bait to Season Six Guest on Shark Tank

This rags to riches story is a bit more complex. Nick Woodman is not a guy who emerges from nothing and then has massive success, but he is someone who experience failure in his time in business. He lost over four million dollars of investor money after failing to start a marketing company called funBug at the age of 26, and decided to travel the world for a while. In the process of doing so, he along with his wife Jill desired to have a camera that could get high-quality shots of their activities but that were also the right price. None of these existed. So Woodman decided to create the GoPro.

Woodman has had incredible success in doing this- His net worth now is over four billion dollars since the GoPro stock went public earlier this year. Woodman has had so much success, that he was invited to be a guest Shark Tank investor, an honor that is not handed out to just anybody. He shared his platform with esteemed investors like Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban and Daymond John.

For more on this story, head over to Shark Tank’s blog.

A Short Documentary Film About A Photographer’s Obsession With A Molecular Gastronomy Cookbook

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A Short Documentary Film About A Photographer’s Obsession With A Molecular Gastronomy Cookbook

It all started one day in 2008, when Chicago based photographer Allen Hemberger went inside an Alinea Restaurant (Yes, it is technically a restaurant, even though they insist that it “is not a restaurant… at least not in the conventional sense.”) and for the first time tried their menu. He got overwhelmed by the whole experience of it, from how unique the way the food are served, to how their food should be eaten, and of course, the surprising good taste of it that you won’t get from any other “normal restaurant.” That probably is a factor why it is considered as one of the best restaurants in the world. After that experience, he decided to get a copy of chef Grant Achatz’ Alinea cookbook which has over 100 recipes of the Alinea’s menu so that he could re-create all of it.

 Alinea cookbook


Allen is not the first person to do it, but what’s different is that as a professional photographer, he decided to document the whole project and create a photo book about the whole experience. He even created a successful Kickstarter campaign, The Alinea Project, to fund most of the project.

© allenhemberger



The Kickstarter campaign not only gave him the fund he needed, but also the attention of filmmaker Dan Addelson, who contacted Allen and his wife Sarah, to talk about documenting the project on film too. They both agreed. So Dan flew to Chicago to spend some days with Allen and Sarah while creating the short film. You can watch the short film below: