Pentax’s New MX-1

Pentax has announced something completely interesting and eye-popping: their new MX-1 point and shoot camera. The new pocket snapper has a design that looks very similar to the company's older SLR type of cameras without autofocus: like their ME.
Nikon D5200

Nikon Announces New D5200 and J Series Cameras

We were waiting for someone to announce something a bit more interesting at CES 2013; and Nikon didn't disappoint. The new D5200 DSLR replaces the aging (but still quite good) D5100. This camera was announced elsewhere in the world many months ago but for some odd reason didn't hit the US shoreline until now.
Sigma DP3

Sigma Announces New DP3 Merrill Point and Shoot

Sigma's new DP3 Merrill was announced today for CES 2013, and the camera boasts some interesting new features that make the DP series of cameras totally complimentary to one another while maintaining a form of synergy. The new DP3--like the DP1 and DP2 before it--all have 46MP Foveon sensors. All are APS-C sized with a 1.5x crop and maintain the simplistic controls that have begun to define the new series.
Olympus Tough TG-2

New Olympus TG-2 Camera

 The new Olympus TG-2 camera, from their RUGGED line, is now re-appearing tougher than ever before with a series of upgrades it announced at CES 2013. TG-2 can ...
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