Jai Mayhew Headshot

Turn Empathy into a 6 Figure Business

Luxury portrait photographer Jai Mayhew has built her business around empathy. She knows what it’s like not to feel confident or comfortable in her own skin, and she’s made it her mission to photograph women in a way that makes them feel beautiful but, more importantly, seen.

How Hard Is It To Learn CGI?

Learning C4D is pretty much like riding a horse. If you're comfortable while doing it then you are probably doing it wrong. But there is good news, you can do ...

Ten Things Photographers Need to Start Doing in 2021

The habits we need to build in the new year For the last couple of years I’ve written a series of popular articles about what photographers need to stop doing in the new year. The title is a little tongue in cheek, but the message has always been...