Are you a troubled second shooter? Have you recently lugged around camera equipment equal to or exceeding your body weight without a second to rest? Did your last job require you to make multiple coffee runs for your photographer?

There is hope, young shutterbug. There is hope.

May we present to you Photographer Central—the only photography directory where seasoned pros and budding second shooters are treated as equals, where you can filter out snobby photogs (by chatting with them first), and put your very own work online. (Yes, you have a career too).


Billed as a haven for budding and veteran photographers alike, not only can you advertise your own photography services, but you can also indicate that you’re available for second shooting opportunities to gain photography experience.

Stop having lenses thrown at you. Stop being a glorified gofer. Stop having dead octopuses placed on your head because the male models hired for the fashion shoot refused to do it.*

Come to us, all ye weary second shooters, and stop living in someone else’s shadow. May you blossom from a young shutterbug into the highly toted professional photographer that you really are.


For more information about how to get listed on Photographer Central, click here.

*Actual second shooter experience from a Photographer Central pro.