Has your Instagram been down lately? Has your audience been low? Here are a few apps for you to use to gain more of an audience and even how to elevate your pictures. 

image of VSCO cam

VSCO cam 

This is more of a photoshop app then a regular photo app. What this does- you can pay extra for more filters that weren’t given to you, and you can use that to enhance all these Instagram worthy photos. This still has the regular brightness and saturation aspects of the app.

image of Boomerang

Instagram Boomerang

Now this is a fun way to display these video stills. This is a unique way to show different shots on your feed. All you need to do is hold down the camera button and do a pose. The end result is this boomerang effect. 


Do you want cool effect photos for your Instagram? This is the photo app for you. With this app you are able to create as if your hair is trees or even grass and your skin can be the sand of a beach. You can put two backgrounds together and create one effected photo.

Picture Camera Noir in use 

Camera Noir

Now this take the black and white filter to a whole new level. You have the different highlight options and even shadow options. If your theme is black and white and you like that monochrone type of look. This will help for all your Instagram needs.



This more of the app to use your insta-stories with putting covers on it. It’s like making your own designs for them. You basically build it yourself. You can choose from different colors as well so it can go with your theme. 



Did you need to be organized with your posts? Grum is the app for in getting the perfect schedule for your post to go out. Not only is the app a single click features but its automatic to schduele. So it’s really easy to use! 


This definitely for the person who wants to keep track of their account. You’ll be able to keep track of the likes and even the comments. This would be great if you schedule your posts and you need more accounts to organize.



This is one way to help you grow your audience- introducing Juicer. Not only does this showcase your social media- Instagram- it could even be used on your website. It’s also used to also organize different hastags and also posts.



This is another Instagram stories, or your feed and you can keep them nice and organized. It will help to gain more followers and even target certain followers.  


The last app to help your Instagram game is called Crowdfire- it’s basically the Instagram mananger you always wanted. But not does it do Instagram- it’s able to do more socials as well.