Photo apps are all the rage when it comes to photo taking and photo editing. In these apps you are introduced to different filters for the editing process of each of the photos. One app that you should have in your collection of photo editing apps is Hipstamatic but with the Tin Type Filter. 

The Hipstamic app is used mainly for selfies and even can used for landscapes photos. As told on their website, Hipstamatic, creators Ryan Dorshorst and Lucas Buick developed this idea of mobile app that uses the same idea as a Polaroid camera- the model that is called SX-70. This app has been around since 2009.

What’s unique about this app is that like you actually using an old-fashioned camera- cameras as in where we still had film camera. You have different options of filters to choose from right when you take the picture. Each time you use the app, you would have to do the photos on there to get the effects of each of the filters provided like most camera editing apps. But the real superstar here is their sister app called Tintype.

Tintype is an app used for selfies only, no landscapes, and it’s also pretty interesting. Each photo shows the gray-ness if you will of being back in the 1800s. The photo shows the corners as if they were burnt out like a vintage photograph. What’s also intriguing about it you have color schemes every time you use the app. So each will be better than the last. 

This is definitely an application to have in your collection. It’s definitely a keepsake.