Instagram is one of the most used social medias just as any other social media on any device. What we know about Instagram is that you can take many photos, but some can be edited to your liking. There are so many photo apps out there, but one definitely caught our eye- Huji Cam Pro App.

The Huji Cam Pro App has been used by many celebrities and has over 16 million downloads as told by What’s cool about this camera application is that they made like you are using a disposable camera. Once you take a picture you have a date on the bottom of the photo just like how it would if you were using an old camera such as “1 05 ‘98” which replaces the recent year with 1998. 

Once you open the app are immediately introduced to the opening screen has it as if your holding an actual disposable camera. Then you can import your photos for the different memories that you can create. 

This is definitely the app you need for the changing your feed on Instagram. Instagram is known for being the place for different filtered photos and even showing off your photography. Not only do you get that vintage feel of childhood memories such as printed photos. You will definitely have people asking you what app you are using. 

Huji Cam Pro App is available for free on IOS and Android devices. Happy photo taking!