Are you in need of plans for a weekend or even an adventure after work one day? Well you are in luck because pop ups and different exhibits are definitely worth a visit. Pop-ups are mostly associated with computers and the internet, so they are temporary, they can be closed out. But in these different cities that have these popups, it is temporary. These are a few of the popups that you should definitely check before January is done.

Color Factory 

This exhibit is probably the most colorful you’ll ever visit. Each of the rooms are dedicated to a different color. You are able to have different experiences hidden inside. What’s cool about this is that each room will have cameras and they’ll send you the pictures to your phone, so you’ll be able to have lots of pictures of this experience. This pop-up is located in Soho New York City so check it out when you get the chance.

Mickey: The True Original Exhibition

Now here is an exhibit you definitely need to see if you are a Disney fan or just if you love art- this exhibit is dedicated for Mickey Mouse’s 90thBirthday celebration. With this being a milestone for Mickey Mouse himself; different artists came together to have an exhibit with art featuring the mouse himself. You get see sculptures, paintings and also other interactive areas you may experience in this exhibit. They also have an amazing gift shop as well with items such as pins, t-shirts, and even customizable items. This is located right next to the Chelsea Market, 14thStreet and 10 avenue in New York City.

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  Dolby Soho

This pop-up is dedicated to the tech lovers or even people who love looking at technology- this is called Dolby Soho. This features different video installations that you can look at. Since this is a Dolby location, they have some products on display so you are able to try the different products and see how you like them. This location is also in Soho New York.