Instagram is one of the most used social media in the world. In this list we will be discussing who are the most followed people on this social media site. Also going in a little in depth of why they are the most followed.

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Instagram – 279 million followers

Of course, why wouldn’t this account be on the list? The official Instagram account has over five thousand post and has over two hundred thousand followers. What’s very interesting about this account is that it will highlight the Instagram users, so it’s not necessarily people from the Instagram office posting around the office. Each post is different; either if it’s from influencers, videos, eye-catching photography, makeup and a lot more. Be sure to check the different people they feature.

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Cristiano Ronaldo – 153 million followers 

The first celebrity on our list and his feed does not disappoint. Cristiano Ronaldo is a famous Brazilian professional football (soccer) player with over one hundred million followers and have over two thousand posts. His feed is mostly showing some game highlights from his football match, he also takes pictures with other celebrities and even of his family. He also showcases some paid promotions of different products.

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Selena Gomez – 145 million followers 

Getting her acting career started on the Disney Channel, Selena Gomez has over one hundred forty million followers and over one thousand posts on her Instagram feed. She has posts with friends, other celebrities, different projects she works on, charities she works with and other posts. Some of her posts include her collaboration of her Coach collection- she has had two major collections so far. You will see a lot of different post from her.

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Ariana Grande – 144 million followers

Another actress that had her acting/singing career on another kid’s network which is Nickelodeon, Ariana Grande has over three thousand posts and over one hundred followers. In each of her posts, you are able to see all her different adventures and even new music that she works on. Some of her posts include shots of the billboard stats of her different singles. Her feed is different every time.

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – 131 million followers 

The last one on our list is non-other than the Rock himself. Dwayne Johnson first started his career first as a wrestler but now he’s one of the famous actors out right now. Being Maui from Moana and agent Hobbs in the Fast and Furious movie franchise, he has over one thirty million followers; showcasing his new acting projects and beautiful pictures of his family. You’ll will get a cuteness overload from his cute daughters, trust us. 

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