Valentine’s Day, or the Feast Day of Saint Valentine, is widely celebrated for the occasion of showing love and affection to the ones you care about.

During this time of year, V-Day gifts are eagerly purchased in the hopes that ‘tokens of love’ will offer a sort of compassion, happiness, and even romance for couples. While there are times when a box of chocolates, dozens of roses, and an over-sized plush teddy bear might be a nice treat to receive or even to get yourself, but V-Day gifts have expanded in this day and age and there are more personal ways to gift by targeting their (your) personal interests! For one, let’s talk about the many possibilities of V-Day gifts for photographers, shall we? Below are ten gifts that might catch your eye and get you ordering ‘with love’ today!


A printed image is a constant reminder of your best memories and the connections life brings. Whether you have a collection of photographs to display or just that one cherished image, ProDPI frames will showcase your photos in an unforgettable style. With collections ranging from modern and minimal, to rich, natural wood finishes, every photograph will find a home.
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Topo Designs

Every avid photographer understands that a good camera strap will save the life of their camera. What better way to say ‘I’m stuck on you” than with a sturdy camera strap? The very last thing anyone who owns a camera wants is to drop it, and these straps will ensure a safe and secure hold, just like your love. Handmade in Colorado, Topo Designs straps are lightweight, yet very durable. They come in a variety of color, texture, and design, with the perfect rustic flare. You won’t find a strap like these elsewhere because of their unique craftsmanship, and it will be sure to make the absolute best addition to your V-Day gift!
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Tog Tees, a dream come true for photographers who want to wear their love of photography on their sleeve (pun intended)! With their recent release of Tog Tee Hoodies, you can now keep sporting photo swag on a chilly February, 14th night. Tog Tees rocks tons of designs in their arsenal. Some of our favorites include the vintage camera designs, Japan Camera Tee, and ISO 800. However, Tog Tees didn’t stop there, you can also cop hats, mugs, stickers, coasters, pins and enough more to be able to put together a whole V-day basket of goodies for your photo enthusiast Valentine.
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If you’re looking for something that could be delivered in something as delicate as a jewelry box, LumeCube 2.0 is going to be your go-to! However, you won’t find anything delicate in this gift box, LumeCube is a powerful lighting tool that boasts its waterproof and drop-proof abilities. Not to mention it’s ability to withstand all environmental conditions- so it’s pretty much as strong as your love for your Valentine. It’s adaptable too! Pair your LumeCube with any camera, smartphone or drone to shed light on your fondest memories.
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Tell your Valentine that your love is like the energizer bunny, through this sleek charging iPhone case created by Mophie. With the ability to power an iPhone 31 hours of talk time, 18 hours of video watching, and 16 hours of internet use, you could say ‘my love for you is almost as eternal as my iPhone battery’. Not to mention, you don’t want to take a chance of not being able to reach your loved one, even if you’re calling just to say “I love you”.
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Moment has caught the attention of many of Instagrammers out there and may just grab the attention of your photo-enthusiast love as well. If you haven’t picked up on the craze yet, Moment focuses on lens systems for mobile cameras, specifically compatible with the latest Apple, Google, Samsung and OnePlus devices. Moment is particularly proud of their simple twist-and-lock design which allows for quick and seamless lens changes. The lens quality has been recognized by creators everywhere. Of course, Moment knows that a good photo doesn’t end with a good lens, so they’ve create accessories galore including lights, filters, gimbals, straps, bags and more.
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Ever want to tell your loved one that you’re committed to them…semi-permanently? It’s possible now with Inkbox, a revolutionary company that allows you to create custom made, authentic-looking tattoos that stay on for 1-2 weeks. The possibilities are endless when it comes to tattoos and so are the ideas when it comes to Valentine’s Day. You could get matching hearts with your significant others initials inside, or a cupid baby holding an arrow of love, a single rose, or go all the way with getting their full name written out so everyone knows that they are yours. Anyways, you get the point, now explore hundreds of ideas with Inkbox! This will be a gift that no one will forget, even when the tattoo eventually washes off.
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What’s the most important thing in a relationship? Memories. Sandisk has to be one of the most well-known flash memory companies to date, because of how reliable and practical their products are. When it comes to capturing the memories that make up your life, you don’t want to take a chance with a subpar product. Sandisk boasts high-speed transfers, weather resistance, shock resistance, and a compact size to make all your memory capture efforts easier and more reliable. Don’t slack on your memories with your loved one and scoop up one of our favorite Sandisk products, the SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable External SSD!
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The gift of knowledge can be one of the most meaningful presents you could give. It can advance a career, change a life, and most of all it will stick with you forever. If you want to show your Valentine that you’re invested in them, this could really deliver that message. CreativeLive offers an array of classes for photo/video and more, giving the creator an immense amount of insight on how to perfect their practice. Available now is the Creator Pass at $39/month or $149/ year which allows you to stream 1500+ of their classes anytime and anywhere. Feed the brain of your Valentine with a Creator Pass!
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Adobe Photoshop Elements

This may seem like a no brainer since its such an industry staple, but your Valentine might really appreciate you picking up that tab for a necessary tool of theirs. Adobe Photoshop Elements is available for $9.99 a month, a small tab to pick up for someone who will use this photo editing software on the daily if they’re a busy photog. If you’re looking for that present-I-know-they-will- use-all-the-time type present, this is your go-to! Also, if you feel they will expand beyond Photoshop Elements, you could always upgrade them to Adobe Creative Cloud for $50/month, which gives them access to all the Creative Cloud programs including (but not limited to) Photoshop CC, inDesign CC, Illustrator CC, etc. Maybe your Valentine will return the favor with some supped up photos of the two of you!
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This Valentine’s Day, switch it up a bit and try a more personal gift for the one you care about. Chocolates and roses are still lovely, but by getting a gift that they will use for a long time, it will not only show a special token of your appreciation, but it will also be something they remember forever. Valentine’s Day is a fun and special occasion to spread love, and with a new year, a new approach might be just what we all need. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Editor’s Note: This post contains sponsored placements.