Check this out if you’re curious about what Magnum photographers are tackling during lockdown and quarantine.

We’re used to Magnum photographers going on assignments to tackle the world’s most pressing issues head on, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re staying home like the rest of us. However, that hasn’t stopped them from making the most of their time with a new video series titled Quarantine Conversations. Here’s something to watch whether you could use more inspiration or are simply curious about how Magnum photographers are responding to issues brought about by this time of lockdown and quarantine.

In Quarantine Conversations, Magnum photographers engage in “frank and unedited dialogues about work, current affairs, and everything in-between”. To make things more interesting, they are paired randomly through lottery draw. The first run that went up on the Magnum Photos YouTube channel on March 28th had Rafal Milach and Newsha Tavakolian discussing guilt, dreams, being invisible, seeing yourself in the other, and the latter’s new project.

The latest installment paired Stuart Franklin with Mark Power. The two talked about an interesting selection of topics: restlessness, solitude, togetherness, having a wife as a doctor, a daughter with a canceled degree show, reading, and upcoming books.

At one of the most trying times in recent history, these conversations remind us of one of the main challenges we have to power through: creating a semblance of connection amid isolation. The topics that each pair talks about help move this along, encouraging photographers not only to be productive and creative, but also in touch with the human connection that opens our doors to compelling visual stories.

Watch the two videos and let us know what you think:

Head to the Magnum Photos website and YouTube channel to find out more about Quarantine Conversations and keep tabs on future installments.

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